Using WP Extended Search to alter the Text Search filter

Our Text Search Filter is using the built-in WordPress search functionality, which only searches the post title and content by default. To alter this search functionality we added support for the WP Extended Search plugin. This is a lightweight plugin that allows you to finetune the behavior of the WordPress search in various ways.

Once you've installed this plugin go to their Extended Search > Search Settings page and make sure to create a new setting name at the top:

In this example I created one called "Recipe Grid" and clicked the "Publish" button. After that, you can ignore the instructions (there is no need to display this search form) but rather click on the blue "Configure Search Setting" button instead:

This essentially takes you back to the Search Settings page, now allowing you to change search settings for this grid specifically.

Once you've changed the search settings as needed, you'll need to make sure to associate these settings with your grid. To do that, edit the grid through the Grids > Manage page and go to the Text Search Filter Options tab to select these new settings:

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