Adding a Call to Action

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If your recipe template does not contain the Call to Action block yet you can add it in "Add Blocks" mode.

Click and insert it after an existing block. Then you can go to "Edit Blocks" mode to change the Call to Action properties.

You'll be able to change the different colors, the action and text here.

Make sure to leave the %handle%, %tag% and/or %link% placeholders inside the "Text" property. This is where the links will actually appear!

Adding a background to the Call to Action

If you add a background to the Call to Action it might look a bit strange if it doesn't go all the way to the Template Border like in this example:

To change that, try setting the Margin to -10px (notice the minus there) and you'll most likely end up with something like this:

You probably do want that margin at the top, however, so you can now add in a Spacer block after the Recipe Notes section to make up for the negative margin:

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