Template Editor

See a result of the Template Editor in action

The templates you can start from

Find an example of  all the templates you can start from over here!

Getting Started with the Template Editor

Is it your first time using the Template Editor? We highly recommend having a read through the  Template Editor 101 documentation. It covers the following basics:

  • Opening the template editor
  • Managing recipe templates
  • Creating, editing and saving your own template
  • Different parts of the Template Editor

Using a template you've created

After creating your own template, don't forget to change the Default Recipe Template setting if you want that template to be the new default for your recipes.

Changing the default recipe template will change the template for all recipes on your website at once!

Next Steps

The Template Editor should be reasonably straight forward to just play around in. If you're looking for specific examples on how to something, make sure to check our  Template Editor FAQ section.

Can't find what you're looking for there?  Contact us!

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