Easy Affiliate Links Changelog

2019-02-25 | Easy Affiliate Links 3.0.0

  • Feature: New manage page with search, filters and bulk editing
  • Feature: Import affiliate links from CSV
  • Improvement: Better and faster input form
  • Improvement: New settings page

2018-12-06 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.6.5

  • Feature: Compatible with the new Gutenberg editor

2018-11-26 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.6.4

  • Fix: Prevent blank page on redirect in some environments

2018-11-07 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.6.3

  • Improvement: Add no-index meta tag to the redirect page
  • Improvement: Try to prevent click register issues from breaking redirect

2018-05-23 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.6.2

  • Feature: Setting to store IP address as hash
  • Feature: Personal Data Exporter
  • Improvement: Privacy policy content
  • Improvement: Update CrawlerDetect to latest version
  • Improvement: Update BrowserDetect to latest version

2018-04-04 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.6.1

  • Fix: Redirect type issue with old affiliate links

2018-03-29 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.6.0

  • Feature: Setting for noopener and noreferrer attributes
  • Improvement: Always redirect shortlink, even when not actually cloaked, to prevent broken links
  • Fix: Problem with default redirect type using 302

2017-11-08 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.5.0

  • Feature: Link cloaking is now optional (compatible with Amazon ToS)
  • Feature: Use IP ranges when cleaning up clicks
  • Feature: Clean up clicks by users with a specific role
  • Feature: Ability to remove all clicks
  • Improvement: Better handling of accents in shortlink slug

2017-07-06 | Easy Affiliate Links - Statistics 1.1.0

  • Feature: Export clicks to CSV

2017-06-12 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.4.1

  • Improvement: WordPress 4.8 compatibility
  • Fix: Problem with default link target
  • Fix: AddThis plugin compatibility problem

2017-04-11 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.4.0

  • Improvement: Add class to affiliate link output
  • Improvement: Spacing on manage page to prevent accidental clicks
  • Fix: Don't add modal content to WordFence pages

2017-03-16 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.3.0

  • Feature: Clean up clicks and exclude IPs
  • Improvement: Stay on correct page after reloading datatable
  • Improvement: More details on Statistics page
  • Improvement: Better compatibility with other plugins for the modal
  • Fix: Broken JavaScript dependencies

2017-01-31 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.2.0

  • Feature: View details of last click data
  • Improvement: Better check for crawlers
  • Fix: Datatables errors on some other plugin pages
  • Fix: Prevent datatables errors from showing up as alert
  • Fix: EAFL Button when visual editor is disabled

2017-01-09 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.1.0

  • Feature: Order by lifetime clicks on manage page
  • Improvement: Custom database for link clicks
  • Improvement: Max width for the description in the overview
  • Fix: Escaping for XML export
  • Fix: Wordfence compatibility issue

2017-01-02 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.0.1

  • Improvement: Affiliate links show up when adding links
  • Improvement: Use selected text as default option for affiliate link
  • Improvement: Use selected text when creating new link
  • Improvement: Automatically flush permalinks
  • Fix: Problem with URLs containing encoded characters

2016-12-28 | Easy Affiliate Links 2.0.0

  • Complete redesign of the Easy Affiliate Links plugin
  • Performance improvements
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