Displaying related posts

Display in a widget

The easiest way to display any related posts you have set is by using a widget. You can add the Custom Related Posts widget on the Appearance > Widgets page.

Here we've added a widget to the footer, for example:

Use the options to change the text that gets displayed and the order of related posts.

Display using the block

In the Block Editor you can click on the + icon to add the Custom Related Posts block to your post:

When selecting the block you'll find the display options in the sidebar.

The block will show a live preview of the related posts.

Display using the shortcode

The [custom-related-posts] shortcode can be typed anywhere you want your related posts to display. The same options as in the widget and block are available like this:

[custom-related-posts title="Related Posts" none_text="None found" order_by="title" order="ASC"]

Display in your theme code

Want the related posts to show up in a specific location in your theme? The shortcode can be displayed anywhere in your theme files using PHP like this example:

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[custom-related-posts]' ); ?>
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