Using the Manage page

The Affiliate Links > Manage page is the place find and manage all the affiliate links you're using on your website.

Showing specific fields

Use the Show/Hide Columns section at the top to pick the specific affiliate link fields to show in the table.

The table will automatically update to show the columns you've selected.

Sorting & filtering your affiliate links

To sort, click on the header you want to sort by. Click again to change from ascending to descending order. There will be a blue indicator showing to sort you've applied.

In this example we've sorted by number of clicks in descending order:

To filter, use the input field you see below that header. For some this will be a free text field, for others a dropdown. Just above the table you'll see the number of links that are getting filtered. Here are just a few examples of filters that are possible:

Combine filters to find exactly what you're looking for!

Bulk edit affiliate links

Select "Bulk Edit" in the Show/Hide Columns section to have the checkboxes show up as the very first column and a new button in the top right of the screen.

Click on this new Bulk Edit x Links button to show the different actions you have available for bulk editing:

Confirm with the button in the bottom right to apply this action to all selected links!

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