Bulk editing links through a CSV file

Need to make a lot of changes to your affiliate links? It might be easier to bulk edit them using a tool like Excel or Google Sheets. Go to the Affiliate Links > Import & Export > Export CSV page to export all your affiliate links to CSV.

You can then edit this CSV file using your program of choice and go to the Affiliate Links > Import & Export > Import CSV page to import the file again:

On the next screen you'll see a preview of the CSV file and will need to match the column numbers to the link fields you want to import.

Selecting "Do not import" will not import that particular field and not affect that field for an existing link either.

By default, importing from CSV will create a new link. Make sure to match up the ID column if you want to update links instead. It will then update the link with the matching ID. If you did a CSV export before, you'll be sure you have the correct ID.

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