WP Ultimate Post Grid Changelog

2020-03-18 | WP Ultimate Post Grid Premium 3.2.1

  • Fix: Compatibility with Newsletter plugin

2020-03-18 | WP Ultimate Post Grid 3.2.1

  • Feature: Conditions in Template Editor
  • Feature: Ability to limit item text length in Template Editor
  • Fix: Multi-select incorrect for checkboxes in some situations

2020-02-28 | WP Ultimate Post Grid Premium 3.2.0

  • Feature: Checkboxes filter
  • Fix: Check infinite scroll on filter
  • Fix: Dynamic limiting with multiple grids on the same page
  • Fix: Error when cancelling changes after cloning a grid
  • Fix: Inline filters alignment not saving
  • Fix: Prevent dropdown labels edit screen from breaking

2020-02-28 | WP Ultimate Post Grid 3.2.0

  • Improvement: Don't force close on save
  • Fix: Better compatibility with JS deferring plugins

2020-01-31 | WP Ultimate Post Grid Premium 3.1.0

  • Feature: Show loader in search input
  • Feature: Change order of dropdowns in filter
  • Feature: Set border-radius for Load More Pagination
  • Feature: Show WP Recipe Maker shortcodes in the Template Editor
  • Improvement: Change "Load More" button text
  • Improvement: Limit text option for custom fields in Template Editor
  • Fix: Dropdown filter loading on filter when deselecting
  • Fix: Limit by words when there are less words than the limit

2020-01-31 | WP Ultimate Post Grid 3.1.0

  • Feature: Show filters on side of the grid
  • Feature: Optional labels for filters
  • Feature: Set border-radius for Isotope Filter and Pages Pagination
  • Feature: Ability to reorder filters
  • Feature: Option to display filters inline
  • Improvement: Better grid display before page has fully loaded
  • Improvement: Set global $post object for each grid item
  • Improvement: Grid post type should not be public
  • Improvement: Show grid name when editing
  • Improvement: Setting to choose what taxonomies to display the grid fields for
  • Fix: Hover color sticking in isotope filter because of keyboard focus

2020-01-24 | WP Ultimate Post Grid Premium 3.0.1

  • Improvement: Try to prevent other plugins from breaking the text search filter

2020-01-24 | WP Ultimate Post Grid 3.0.1

  • Feature: Feature: Display private posts in a grid
  • Fix: Images not showing correctly in Media post type grid
  • Fix: Not saving "Items in Rows" layout mode

2020-01-24 | WP Ultimate Post Grid Premium 3.0.0

  • Feature: Live Preview of grid when editing
  • Feature: Gutenberg blocks for grid and filters
  • Feature: Disable deeplinking per grid
  • Feature: Set different layout for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Feature: Order terms by count
  • Feature: Create and combine multiple filters
  • Fix: Working pagination when using random order

2020-01-24 | WP Ultimate Post Grid 3.0.0

  • Feature: Multiple post types in the same grid
  • Feature: Multiple taxonomies in the same grid
  • Feature: Combine text search and other filters
  • Feature: Redesigned Template Editor

Before 3.0.0

WP Ultimate Post Grid was completely redesigned in version 3.0.0. This is the changelog since then.

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