WP Ultimate Post Grid 3.0.0

For version 3.0.0 we did a complete rebuild of the WP Ultimate Post Grid plugin. Basically starting from the ground up to create the same functionality in a modern codebase that will allow us to build long-requested features and improvements much more easily.

Will anything change for my existing grids?

We did our best to have everything migrate over as smooth as possible for grids that were created in earlier versions. Unfortunately it is likely that some issues will come up and things will look or work slightly different as before. That's why we highly recommend you to check the grids on your website for any problems.

If you do find any problems at all, don't hesitate to contact our support.

Things broke! Can I go back?

If updating to version 3.0.0 really messed things up, a quick solution might be to just reinstall the latest 2.x version. You can download WP Ultimate Post Grid 2.8.2 right here. Just deactivate and delete the version you have activated right now and install it following these instructions.

Once everything is back to normal, contact our support and we'll try to figure out the problem!

If you're using WP Ultimate Post Grid Premium you can also go back to Legacy Mode.

No issues after updating?

Even better! We hope you enjoy this latest update and are looking forward to all the new features and improvements we'll be able to add because of it. Feature requests and feedback are welcome as always!

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