Filters are a big part of WP Ultimate Post Grid and allow your visitors to find the exact items they are looking for. You can add as many filters as you want and optionally give them an identifier. This is not shown anywhere but can be used to easily identify the different filters.

You also have the option to add a label for the different filters. These labels will get displayed on your website.

Set the Filters Relation to either AND (only show items that match all of the filters) or OR (show items that match any of the filters).

Grid Filters

Learn more about the different grid filters on their own pages:

Filters Style

There are lot of different filter style options you can play around with. The filters can be displayed on top or on the side of the grid.

Take note that these settings will only get taken into account when adding the grid with the Grid with Filters shortcode/block. If you're adding the grid and filters to the page separately, you are the one responsible for positioning the filters and grid.

Labels Style

If you add labels to your filters you can further style them from this tab.

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