The Other tab covers a few features that don't fit elsewhere.

ItemList Metadata

By enabling Outpit ItemList Metadata the plugin will automatically output JSON-LD metadata for the grid items on the first page of the grid (initial load) according to the Schema.org ItemList type. Optionally, you can set a Name and Description for this ItemList as well.

Take note that metadata will only get output if the grid items are set to be a link on the Item tab.

Using this feature can allow grid pages to show up in the Google Carousel if you're linking to recipes, movies, restaurants or other specific metadata types that Google supports.


When Deeplinking is enabled, clicking on a filter will update the URL of the page. For example, clicking on a tag will indicate in the URL that this particular tag was selected: https://bootstrapped.ventures/wp-ultimate-post-grid/deep-linking/#deep-linking+post_tag:travel

The end result is that people can copy that link and share it with others. They will then end up looking at the exact same grid.

Empty Message

When you have filters for your grid, it's possible that selecting a certain combination of filters doesn't actually have any results in your grid. The optional text you set here will show up when that happens.

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