Custom Field Filters

See the Custom Fields Filter in action

Some of the grid filters will have the option to change the source from "Taxonomies" to "Custom Field". This will allow you to filter by any custom field associated with the post in the grid:

You will need to know the key of the custom field you want to filter by and make sure to indicate wether this is a numeric field or not. In the example above we're filtering by calories associate with recipes and have indicated that they are numeric.

Setting the values to filter by

On the "Custom Field Options" tab you can set the specific values you want to filter by.

For this example we've used a custom field that associates time with posts (indicated in seconds). You can specify the exact value for the custom field and the label that should show up in the filter. For example, when someone filters by "Exactly 60 minutes" we want to show posts that have "60" in that custom field.

With numeric fields only you'll also be able to use ranges. "0-30" indicates any value between 0 and 30, with both 0 and 30 included. Don't forget to check that the "Numeric Field" checkbox is checked when using the range option.

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