Access recipes in a post via code

The following code can be used to find recipes in the current post (when in the loop):

// Get the recipes inside the current post.
$recipes = WPRM_Recipe_Manager::get_recipe_ids_from_post();

// Access the first recipe, if there is one.
if ( isset( $recipes[0] ) ) {
	$recipe_id = $recipes[0];
	$recipe = WPRM_Recipe_Manager::get_recipe( $recipe_id );

	// Output the recipe name.
	echo $recipe->name();

Not in the loop? Use the following code to specify the post ID to get the recipes from:

$recipes = WPRM_Recipe_Manager::get_recipe_ids_from_post( $post_id );

Or get all recipes inside a piece of content:

$recipes = WPRM_Recipe_Manager::get_recipe_ids_from_content( $post_content );
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