WP Recipe Maker Changelog

2020-09-04 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 6.5.0

  • Feature: Author links when using post author
  • Improvement: Timer reliability
  • Improvement: Checkboxes accessibility label
  • Improvement: Reduce jQuery dependency
  • Fix: Shopping list checkbox shrinking
  • Fix: Missing translation in recipe collections shopping list
  • Fix: Checkbox list style for RTL languages

2020-09-04 | WP Recipe Maker 6.5.0

  • Feature: Optional analytics on plugin usage
  • Feature: Bulk edit servings through the manage page
  • Improvement: Better "Finding Parents" tool
  • Fix: Problem with approving recipe ratings in WordPress 5.5
  • Fix: Some taxonomy sorting and filtering not working on the Manage page
  • Fix: Prevent PHP notice on print page

2020-08-07 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 6.4.0

  • Feature: Taxonomy term links
  • Feature: Bulk add ingredients as custom nutrition ingredients
  • Improvement: Parsing of time in Recipe Submission form
  • Improvement: Import WP Ultimate Recipe tags and categories to WPRM recipe taxonomies
  • Fix: Saved recipe collections styling on admin screen
  • Fix: Shopping list for custom recipes
  • Fix: Nutrients translation in Nutrition Label style

2020-08-07 | WP Recipe Maker 6.4.0

  • Feature: Copy recipe to clipboard when saving times out
  • Feature: Bulk edit option to recalculate total time
  • Feature: WP Ultimate Post Grid taxonomy grid links and images integration
  • Improvement: Ignore print permission setting for administrators
  • Fix: Empty print page in Safari
  • Fix: Number formatting with thousands
  • Fix: Prevent PHP notices in WordPress 5.5

2020-07-15 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 6.3.0

  • Feature: Edit and share shopping lists
  • Feature: Use converted units for shopping list
  • Feature: Show ingredient notes in shopping list
  • Feature: Click through to recipes in shopping list
  • Feature: Change collection header and button colors through settings
  • Improvement: Unit Conversion after clicking on recipe in collection
  • Improvement: Poster template on mobile
  • Improvement: Setting to disable equipment image pinning
  • Fix: User Ratings only keyboard accessible when actually voteable
  • Fix: Default nofollow for equipment links using incorrect setting
  • Fix: Missing translation in Recipe Collections feature
  • Fix: Label in collections when showing total nutrition facts
  • Fix: Prevent unit conversion when no values set

2020-07-15 | WP Recipe Maker 6.3.0

  • Feature: Setting to change starting state of Instruction Media Toggle
  • Feature: Prevent printing of membership-restricted recipes
  • Improvement: Accessibility warnings for comment ratings form
  • Improvement: Setting to disable equipment image pinning
  • Improvement: Friendly link display in recipe print footer
  • Improvement: Show "approved" column on ratings manage page
  • Fix: Update comment ratings when bulk editing comments
  • Fix: Comment rating display in backend
  • Fix: Make sure star SVG IDs are unique
  • Fix: Link to direct Youtube timestamp for youtu.be URLs
  • Fix: Prevent theme styling from breaking comment ratings
  • Fix: Bookly plugin compatibility
  • Fix: Manage page not refreshing after deleting a rating

2020-05-28 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 6.2.0

  • Feature: Keyboard accessible user ratings
  • Improvement: Accessibility of adjustable servings
  • Improvement: Accessibility of unit conversion
  • Improvement: Make checkbox list style keyboard accessible
  • Improvement: Change default unit for nutrition serving size
  • Improvement: Setting to disable adjustable servings on the print page

2020-05-28 | WP Recipe Maker 6.2.0

  • Feature: Keyboard accessible comment ratings
  • Feature: Setting to autoplay or loop uploaded videos
  • Feature: Block editor "Align" option for Recipe and Roundup Block
  • Improvement: Accessibility of Instruction Media Toggle buttons
  • Improvement: Better default template color contrast for accessibility
  • Improvement: Better recognize ingredient and instruction group headers during import
  • Improvement: Better compatibility with revision plugins
  • Improvement: Setting to change size of comment rating stars
  • Fix: Print credit should not be on its own page when setting enabled
  • Fix: Show header actions on same line when line decoration is not selected

2020-05-23 | WP Recipe Maker 6.1.2

  • Prevent "Headers already sent" error on print page

2020-05-22 | WP Recipe Maker 6.1.1

  • Fix: Prevent PHP warning

2020-05-22 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 6.1.0

  • Feature: Show units that Nutrition API recognizes during calculation
  • Feature: Use servings from collection when using "Print Recipes" button
  • Fix: Recipe Submission email notification link
  • Fix: Print problem when using the dropdown Unit Conversion style
  • Fix: Show correct nutrition serving unit on Manage page

2020-05-22 | WP Recipe Maker 6.1.0

  • Feature: Set "name" metadata for instruction steps
  • Feature: Interactive print page with room for ads
  • Feature: Email Link button on print page
  • Feature: Bulk print recipes from the Manage page
  • Feature: Print icon on the Manage page
  • Improvement: Ability to change print slug
  • Improvement: Metadata for new "Guided Recipes" in Google Search Console
  • Improvement: Prevent "Invalid string length" metadata warning
  • Improvement: Use post author in metadata if custom author is not set
  • Improvement: Setting to open internal roundup links in a new tab
  • Improvement: Permissions setting for FAQ & Support page
  • Fix: PHP Notice when using instruction videos

2020-04-30 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 6.0.1

  • Fix: Text tooltip adjustable servings infinite loop

2020-04-30 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 6.0.0

  • Feature: Button display style for adjustable servings
  • Feature: Button display style for unit conversion
  • Feature: Columns display style for nutrition label
  • Fix: Not saving some custom ingredient links correctly
  • Fix: Prevent transient issues in import from JSON

2020-04-30 | WP Recipe Maker 6.0.0

  • Feature: New "Chic" recipe template
  • Feature: Toggle for instruction images and videos
  • Feature: New Meta Container block for the Template Editor
  • Feature: Icon block for Template Editor with new icons
  • Feature: Tool to refresh video metadata
  • Improvement: Ability to set own YouTube Data API key
  • Improvement: Adjust comment rating scroll when using lazy loading
  • Improvement: Add diameter icon to toolbar
  • Improvement: Removed jQuery dependency for frontend
  • Improvement: Rich Editor browser compatibility
  • Fix: Some existing roundup blocks broken in block editor
  • Fix: Toolbar suggestions not being saved correctly in some cases
  • Fix: Problem with code in rich editor disappearing
  • Fix: Prevent images from overflowing in Block Editor preview
  • Fix: Hustle plugin compatibility
  • Fix: Prevent JS regex warning in Firefox
  • Fix: Make sure instruction video gets output in all cases

2020-04-18 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.11.1

  • Fix: Nutrition API calculation problems
  • Fix: Unit Conversion API calculation problems

2020-03-25 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.11.0

  • Feature: Easy Affiliate Links integration for ingredient and equipment links
  • Improvement: Try to reuse recipe ID when using JSON import
  • Fix: Advanced list styles and checkboxes on RTL sites
  • Fix: Calculated nutrients when adding ingredients to collections

2020-03-25 | WP Recipe Maker 5.11.0

  • Feature: Embed or upload instruction videos with metadata
  • Feature: Load information from external site in roundup item
  • Feature: Integrate Easy Affiliate Links in rich text editor
  • Feature: Setting to remove links on print page
  • Feature: Set default roundup template per recipe type
  • Improvement: Ability to use external site image in roundup item
  • Improvement: Instruction images in HowToStep metadata
  • Improvement: Direct link to instruction step in food recipe metadata
  • Improvement: Add heart icons to the Template Editor
  • Fix: Compatibility with Newsletter plugin

2020-02-27 | WP Recipe Maker 5.10.5

  • Improvement: Alert instead of break when a rich text field can't be loaded
  • Fix: Yoast SEO compatibility when using WPRM blocks
  • Fix: Spaces after ingredient suggestion breaking editor

2020-02-26 | WP Recipe Maker 5.10.4

  • Improvement: Better compatibility for legacy browsers
  • Fix: Non-breaking spaces in import from text

2020-02-20 | WP Recipe Maker 5.10.3

  • Fix: Problem when converting integer to string

2020-02-20 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.10.2

  • Fix: Show correct unit for serving size in nutrition container shortcode

2020-02-20 | WP Recipe Maker 5.10.2

  • Fix: Instructions issue with import from text feature
  • Fix: Better Microsoft Edge compatibility for rich text editor

2020-02-19 | WP Recipe Maker 5.10.1

  • Fix: Prevent rich text editor from breaking when there are empty HTML elements

2020-02-19 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.10.0

  • Feature: Add saved collection when editing a user's collections
  • Feature: Advanced list style in Template Editor
  • Feature: Import recipe nutrition facts to custom nutrition ingredient
  • Improvement: Remember ingredient source during nutrition facts calculation
  • Improvement: Remember amount and unit during nutrition facts calculation
  • Fix: Add item not always adding in correct place for recipe collections
  • Fix: Make checkboxes work when used outside of the recipe template

2020-02-19 | WP Recipe Maker 5.10.0

  • Feature: General text and link block for the Template Editor
  • Improvement: Better support for non-latin characters in the rich editor fields
  • Improvement: Better styling on AMP pages
  • Improvement: Early refresh embedded video metadata if incomplete
  • Improvement: Change smooth scroll duration
  • Improvement: Better compatbility for non-recipe shortcodes in the Template Editor
  • Improvement: Remove recipe from Yoast SEO readibility in block editor
  • Improvement: Better automatic excerpt for recipes
  • Improvement: Allow clicking in block editor preview
  • Fix: Compatibility with new Mediavine video embed for metadata
  • Fix: Ignore leftover revisions when assigning parent post
  • Fix: Prevent PHP error during nutrition calculation
  • Fix: Make sure recipes in pending posts show up on manage page
  • Fix: Prevent double text style fading in template editor
  • Fix: Encoded HTML in fallback recipe
  • Fix: Use RSS Feed template when using Classic Editor
  • Fix: Yoast SEO integration if there are non-metadata recipes before

2020-01-30 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.9.0

  • Feature: View and edit collections of your users
  • Feature: Duplicate collection button for users
  • Feature: Show multiple saved collections on the same page
  • Improvement: Easier to add items to recipe collections on mobile
  • Fix: Prevent deleted recipe from breaking collections
  • Fix: Make sure correct styling is loaded on recipe submission page

2020-01-30 | WP Recipe Maker 5.9.0

  • Feature: Ability to add suitableForDiet metadata
  • Feature: Full compatibility with the WP Ultimate Post Grid template editor
  • Improvement: Tool to remove ratings associated to deleted comments
  • Fix: Make sure to remove comment rating when spammed
  • Fix: Breaking WP personal data exporter

2020-01-24 | WP Recipe Maker 5.8.4

  • Improvement: WP Ultimate Post Grid 3.0.0 compatibility
  • Improvement: Import ratings from Cooked Pro
  • Improvement: Render all shortcodes in Template Editor
  • Fix: Cookbook import with more than 1 recipe on a page
  • Fix: Divi classic builder compatibility
  • Fix: Prevent broken taxonomy from breaking manage page
  • Fix: Prevent WPML PHP warning
  • Fix: Color of comment stars in form after selecting
  • Fix: WPRM Recipe block in Elementor

2019-12-10 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.8.3

  • Improvement: Better IE11 compatibility for recipe collections
  • Improvement: Add aria-label to adjustable servings input
  • Fix: Manage page not loading for some custom taxonomies

2019-12-10 | WP Recipe Maker 5.8.3

  • Improvement: Setting to add extra Mediavine ad unit in the recipe card
  • Improvement: Better IE11 compatibility
  • Fix: Prevent deprecated notice for video embed in WordPress 5.3
  • Fix: Demo recipe setting not correct

2019-11-16 | WP Recipe Maker 5.8.2

  • Fix: Don't accidentally enable Jetpack Photon feature

2019-11-12 | WP Recipe Maker 5.8.1

  • Improvement: Warning if recipe image is too small
  • Improvement: Block editor previews
  • Improvement: Opt-out of rich pins for recipe pages only
  • Improvement: Prevent Jetpack Photon feature for images in metadata
  • Fix: Icons in new Twenty Twenty theme
  • Fix: Match multiple digits in list for Import from Text feature

2019-11-01 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.8.0

  • Feature: Add affiliate HTML for equipment images (Amazon compatibility)
  • Improvement: Don't print recipes in collection with 0 servings
  • Fix: Unit aliases with space not getting recognized
  • Fix: Nutrition Facts decimal rounding setting

2019-11-01 | WP Recipe Maker 5.8.0

  • Feature: Onboarding for new users
  • Feature: Optional smooth scroll for jump buttons
  • Feature: Set different snippet templates per recipe type
  • Feature: Include aggregateRating for how-to instructions
  • Feature: Importer for JSON-LD HTML script
  • Improvement: Add servings column to manage page
  • Improvement: Change rating average rounding decimals
  • Improvement: Simplified settings page
  • Improvement: Filter hook to add your own importer directory
  • Improvement: Better FAQ page
  • Fix: Thumbnail sizes not loading in Template Editor in some themes
  • Fix: Divi 4 Builder compatibility problem

2019-10-21 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.7.0

  • Improvement: Automatically use unit alias for nutrition calculation
  • Improvement: Set decimals to round to for nutrition calculation

2019-10-21 | WP Recipe Maker 5.7.0

  • Feature: hasParts metadata for how-to instruction videos
  • Feature: Add after icon for ingredients/instructions
  • Feature: Video metadata when using Brid plugin
  • Improvement: Prevent MV video from showing metadata twice
  • Improvement: Print template in multilingual plugins
  • Improvement: Better import for EasyRecipe ingredients
  • Improvement: Rich text toolbar on mobile
  • Fix: Double paste in rich text fields in Chrome
  • Fix: Recipe block loads in Gutenberg for all custom post types
  • Fix: Prevent Avada theme from lazy loading images on print page
  • Fix: Use correct template when accessing posts through REST API

2019-10-07 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.6.1

  • Fix: Pasting text in rich text fields in Firefox

2019-10-01 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.6.0

  • Feature: Add equipment images
  • Feature: Custom Taxonomies in Recipe Submission form
  • Feature: Force people to leave a comment for specific rating values
  • Feature: Import ingredient links from WP Ultimate Recipe
  • Feature: Import Shopping List groups from WP Ultimate Recipe
  • Feature: Import Custom Nutrition Ingredients from WP Ultimate Recipe
  • Feature: Click on servings in collection to change value
  • Feature: Add individual ingredients to recipe collections
  • Improvement: Setting to allow custom recipes and notes in a collection
  • Improvement: Neutral colors for adjustable servings slider
  • Fix: Adjustable servings slider in IE and Edge
  • Fix: NaN values showing up in second unit system
  • Fix: Special HTML characters in collections shopping list

2019-10-01 | WP Recipe Maker 5.6.0

  • Feature: Setting to not output ItemList metadata when there is already recipe metadata
  • Feature: Disable pinning of external roundup item images
  • Improvement: Import courses and cuisines from ziplist
  • Improvement: Use oEmbed for Mediavine video metadata
  • Fix: thumbnailUrl issue in video metadata for how-to instructions
  • Fix: Compatibility with Lazy Load for Comments plugin
  • Fix: Problem with parentheses in import from text
  • Fix: Correct template styles for Elementor block
  • Fix: Don't output automatic snippets for the excerpt

2019-09-12 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.5.1

  • Improvement: Use recipe image as post image when approving submission
  • Fix: Text input problem in Firefox

2019-09-12 | WP Recipe Maker 5.5.3

  • Fix: Make sure comment rating stars only show up when there is a recipe in the post
  • Fix: Jetpack warning showing up on settings page incorrectly

2019-09-05 | WP Recipe Maker 5.5.2

  • Fix: Rich text field issues in Firefox

2019-09-05 | WP Recipe Maker 5.5.1

  • Fix: Make sure JS gets localized in correct order

2019-09-05 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.5.0

  • Feature: Show servings in Recipe Collection overview
  • Feature: Show total nutrition facts for all servings in collection
  • Feature: Automatically approve Recipe Submissions
  • Improvement: Check max file size in Recipe Submission form
  • Improvement: Only load recipe collections CSS when needed
  • Fix: Collection overlay template for items with no image
  • Fix: Collection printing empty page in Firefox
  • Fix: Make sure NaN values don't show up in Unit Conversion
  • Fix: Show image settings in print work for collections feature as well
  • Fix: Error message on import recipes from JSON page

2019-09-05 | WP Recipe Maker 5.5.0

  • Feature: Option to open external roundup link in same tab
  • Feature: Unit separator option for nutrition blocks
  • Improvement: Only load WPRM assets when needed
  • Improvement: Alt tag for comment star rating
  • Improvement: Use summary in custom pin description
  • Fix: Issue when saving numbers as taxonomy terms
  • Fix: Elementor Recipe Block not saving correctly
  • Fix: Prevent HTML issue from breaking Template Editor preview
  • Fix: Safari 10 compatibility

2019-08-20 | WP Recipe Maker 5.4.3

  • Fix: Make sure recipe metadata shows up in all situations
  • Fix: BPS Security plugin compatibility

2019-08-14 | WP Recipe Maker 5.4.2

  • Improvement: Open name and image links in new tab for external roundup items
  • Fix: Nutrition Shortcode not showing unit
  • Fix: Make sure comment ratings for trashed comments don't show

2019-08-02 | WP Recipe Maker 5.4.1

  • Improvement: Check if Yoast graph is using article metadata or not
  • Fix: Prevent scripts from loading on AMP pages

2019-07-31 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.4.0

  • Feature: Add custom recipes or ingredients to a collection
  • Feature: Add notes to a collection
  • Improvement: All nutrients in Template Editor dropdown
  • Fix: Saving nutrition serving unit
  • Fix: Auto-search for saved ingredient during nutrition calculation
  • Fix: Error when printing all recipes in a collection

2019-07-31 | WP Recipe Maker 5.4.0

  • Feature: Import for Create by Mediavine
  • Feature: Revision Manager TMC compatibility
  • Improvement: Yoast SEO graph compatibility
  • Improvement: Make sure contentUrl is set in oEmbed video metadata
  • Improvement: Show equipment in classic editor preview
  • Fix: Prevent wpautop bug from breaking recipe layout
  • Fix: Incorrectly thinking changes were made in some cases

2019-07-17 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.3.0

  • Feature: Custom nutrition fields
  • Feature: Calculated nutrition fields
  • Feature: Print all recipes in collection
  • Improvement: Add more nutritient options from the API
  • Improvement: Import from JSON for a large amount of recipes
  • Fix: Translation for nutrition facts labels

2019-07-17 | WP Recipe Maker 5.3.0

  • Feature: Show number of ratings with shortcode
  • Improvement: Parent Post ID on the ratings manage page
  • Improvement: More fraction symbols in rich editor
  • Fix: TAB key problem in MS Edge
  • Fix: How-to Instructions metadata problem with unnamed sections
  • Fix: Don't count ratings of unapproved comments
  • Fix: Make sure snippet template CSS gets loaded when not adding automatically
  • Fix: Double recipe metadata on AMP pages when using Yoast SEO
  • Fix: Paragraph spacing issues when using alignment
  • Fix: Prevent PHP notice in admin
  • Fix: Divi adding extra bracket to shortcode output
  • Fix: Bulk Edit terms dropdown not changing

2019-06-18 | WP Recipe Maker 5.2.1

  • Feature: Set different template per recipe type
  • Improvement: Make sure metadata gets output but only once
  • Improvement: Speed up comment ratings query
  • Improvement: Menu for the manage page
  • Improvement: Equipment in import from text feature
  • Improvement: Range parsing for ingredient amounts
  • Improvement: Setting to change clickable image size
  • Improvement: Option to show instruction image before the text
  • Fix: Settings not showing up correctly in some cases
  • Fix: Bloom plugin compatibility

2019-05-23 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.2.0

  • Feature: Custom Recipe Fields
  • Feature: Custom Fields in Recipe Submission form
  • Feature: Export recipes to JSON
  • Feature: Import recipes from JSON
  • Feature: Print collection button without shopping list

2019-05-23 | WP Recipe Maker 5.2.0

  • Feature: Use external links for Roundup Items
  • Feature: Output How-to metadata for DIY and craft recipes
  • Feature: Estimated cost field
  • Feature: Recipe equipment section
  • Feature: View trash on manage page
  • Improvement: Edit roundup items in Gutenberg editor
  • Improvement: Clean up HTML in import from text feature
  • Improvement: Cache ingredient suggestions in modal
  • Improvement: Use global ingredient links as default when switching to custom
  • Improvement: Don't shrink image in Snippet Summary template
  • Improvement: Working WPURP shortcode for converted recipes after import
  • Fix: Make sure REST API always gets latest version
  • Fix: Time shortcode selection in Template Editor
  • Fix: Yoast metadata integration for the "other" recipe type

2019-05-17 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.1.0

  • Improvement: Remember nutrition match for new ingredients
  • Fix: Setting global links for new ingredients

2019-05-17 | WP Recipe Maker 5.1.0

  • Feature: Integration with Yoast SEO 11 schema graph for the recipe metadata
  • Feature: "WPRM Recipe" block in Elementor page builder
  • Feature: Show and bulk edit recipe type on manage page
  • Improvement: Add HTML or shortcode in rich text fields
  • Improvement: Allow browser autocomplete for input fields
  • Improvement: Try to prevent REST API nonce issues
  • Improvement: Clean up cut and copy from rich text fields
  • Improvement: Show "Saved successfully" in modal
  • Fix: Alert message when clicking on some buttons
  • Fix: Not recognizing all amounts during import in some PHP environments
  • Fix: Keep serving size field after nutrition calculation
  • Fix: Order of time input fields for RTL languages
  • Fix: Prevent video embed code PHP warnings

2019-05-11 | WP Recipe Maker 5.0.4

  • Fix: ID undefined when creating new recipe in Classic Editor
  • Fix: Do not show a time of 0 in the metadata

2019-05-10 | WP Recipe Maker 5.0.3

  • Fix: Performance issues with typing in new modal
  • Fix: Emulate PUT and DELETE API calls for better compatibility
  • Fix: Comet Cache compatibility problem when saving a recipe
  • Fix: Prevent error when opening ingredient links tab in free version

2019-05-09 | WP Recipe Maker 5.0.2

  • Improvement: Include debug information when API call fails
  • Fix: Video embed not working in some cases
  • Fix: Dismissing of notices would not work for next one
  • Fix: Saving custom custom nutrition ingredient

2019-05-08 | WP Recipe Maker 5.0.1

  • Improvement: Show error that occurs on Manage page to send to support
  • Fix: Prevent missing fields from breaking manage page

2019-05-08 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 5.0.0

  • Feature: Ingredient groups for the recipe collection shopping list
  • Improvement: Allow unpublished recipes to be added to a (saved) collection
  • Improvement: Alphabetically ordered shopping list in recipe collection
  • Improvement: Adjustable servings in recipe collections preview
  • Fix: Firefox shopping list print problem when more than 1 page
  • Fix: Checkboxes not always working in Safari on iOS
  • Fix: HTML code showing in Recipe Collections shopping list
  • Fix: Shortcodes in recipe collections preview

2019-05-08 | WP Recipe Maker 5.0.0

  • Feature: Brand new recipe modal
  • Feature: Brand new manage page
  • Feature: Save revisions for recipes
  • Feature: Copy to JSON when saving recipe fails
  • Feature: Autosuggest existing ingredients
  • Feature: Ratings on the Manage page
  • Feature: Output 0 for cook and prep time in metadata
  • Feature: Show "0" in template for cook, prep or custom times
  • Feature: Link image and name block to recipe URL (for roundup)
  • Improvement: Allow links in ingredient and instruction group headers
  • Improvement: Reduce rating queries
  • Improvement: Support more formats for custom icon
  • Improvement: Keywords and total time in WP Tasty import
  • Improvement: Replace WP Tasty recipes in Gutenberg after import
  • Improvement: Use recipe name placeholder in roundup link
  • Improvement: Adjustable servings in recipe roundup
  • Fix: Prevent closing bracket from breaking shortcode in Template Editor
  • Fix: Double block properties when editing roundup template

2019-03-27 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 4.3.4

  • Feature: Set same author link for every recipe
  • Feature: Show both unit systems at once in ingredient list
  • Improvement: Use noreferrer and noopener in CTA links
  • Improvement: Allow shortcodes in Recipe Submission text
  • Improvement: Don't let quantities go to 0 because of rounding
  • Fix: Unit Conversion issue when only 1 system had a unit set

2019-03-27 | WP Recipe Maker 4.3.4

  • Feature: Set same author name for every recipe
  • Fix: Prevent incorrect ID from breaking recipe roundup shortcode
  • Fix: Print link when using plain permalinks

2019-02-28 | WP Recipe Maker 4.3.3

  • Improvement: Setting to output metadata in either head or body
  • Improvement: Only automatically output snippets on posts, not pages
  • Improvement: Legacy mode setting for comment rating placement
  • Fix: Specificy VideoObject type for video metadata
  • Fix: Prevent WP_Error when getting YouTube metadata
  • Fix: Revisionize compatibility for parent post

2019-02-19 | WP Recipe Maker 4.3.2

  • Fix: Deprecated notice related to oEmbed cache

2019-02-18 | WP Recipe Maker 4.3.1

  • Improvement: Consistent image size in Roundup Summary template
  • Improvement: Clear oEmbed cache when no video metadata is found
  • Fix: Issue with 2 recipes in 1 post on archive page
  • Fix: Visual Composer compatibility
  • Fix: PHP warning with nutrition label on print page

2019-02-08 | WP Recipe Maker 4.3.0

  • Feature: Recipe Roundup for ItemList metadata
  • Feature: Setting to prevent printing of non-published recipes
  • Fix: Image position in print version for some browsers
  • Fix: Overlap when selecting icons in Template Editor
  • Fix: Update post status when parent post gets deleted

2019-01-31 | WP Recipe Maker 4.2.1

  • Feature: Change link for Jump to Comments button
  • Feature: Change position of rating field in comment form
  • Improvement: Better default image sizes
  • Improvement: Prevent WP Rocket lazy image loading on print page
  • Improvement: Try to prevent conflict with generic [recipe] shortcode
  • Improvement: Change print template for multilingual sites
  • Fix: Color of rating stars in comment form
  • Fix: Print button with query parameters

2019-01-23 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 4.2.1

  • Feature: Round quantities in total Nutrition Facts
  • Fix: Plugin activating problem without license key

2019-01-22 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 4.2.0

  • Feature: Total nutrition facts per column in recipe collections feature
  • Feature: Clone button in Gutenberg recipe block
  • Feature: Set custom daily intake values for nutrition percentages
  • Feature: Set URL to redirect to after Recipe Submission
  • Feature: Show Unit Conversion as dropdown
  • Feature: Setting to change decimals after adjusting servings
  • Feature: Setting to change decimals used in shopping list
  • Feature: Setting to change decimals for unit conversion calculation
  • Improvement: Only load Recipe Collections JS on pages where they are used
  • Improvement: Show print dialog when printing recipe in collection
  • Improvement: Remember if ingredient was set to custom previously
  • Fix: Nutrition Label in RTL languages
  • Fix: Ignore spaces in units when generating shopping list
  • Fix: Problem with adding to empty recipe collection after saving

2019-01-22 | WP Recipe Maker 4.2.0

  • Feature: Searchable and fallback recipe for Gutenberg blocks
  • Feature: Setting to only show metadata for first recipe on page
  • Feature: Polylang compatibility for changing recipe template in different languages
  • Feature: Option to disable recipe and instruction image pinning
  • Feature: Set instruction margin in Template Editor
  • Feature: Set different template for RSS Feed
  • Feature: Use recipe shortcodes in WP Ultimate Post Grid template
  • Feature: Import Recipes by Simmer
  • Feature: Import WordPress.com recipe shortcode
  • Improvement: Restrict access to print version for non-published recipes
  • Improvement: Add metadata to head instead of body
  • Improvement: Drastically reduce DOM nodes for comment stars
  • Improvement: Labels in template easier to translate
  • Improvement: Classes for rating stars on hover
  • Improvement: Date placeholder for print credit
  • Fix: Changing instruction images size not working in some cases
  • Fix: Use correct recipe default for shortcode on archive pages
  • Fix: Bug in Elementor removing our admin menu
  • Fix: PHP 7.3 compatibility for EasyRecipe import
  • Fix: Print not always matching template

2018-12-26 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 4.1.0

  • Feature: Recipe Collections
  • Fix: Adjustable servings slider not working in some custom legacy templates
  • Fix: Servings changer for decimal numbers like .5 (without 0)

2018-12-26 | WP Recipe Maker 4.1.0

  • Feature: Shortcode to display recipe snippets
  • Improvement: Prevent other plugin notices from breaking the Template Editor layout
  • Fix: Jump to Video button in Legacy templates
  • Fix: Call to Action link color when using custom link action

2018-12-05 | WP Recipe Maker 4.0.8

  • Feature: Show daily values in simple nutrition layout
  • Improvement: Recipe block preview in Gutenberg editor
  • Improvement: Filter by "No terms set" on the Manage page
  • Fix: Make sure snippets only show up for posts containing a recipe
  • Fix: EasyRecipe import not finding all recipes when encountering error

2018-11-26 | WP Recipe Maker 4.0.7

  • Fix: Gutenberg 4.5.1 compatibility
  • Fix: Convert to Gutenberg blocks for recipe shortcodes
  • Fix: Translations in "Simple" nutrition label

2018-11-16 | WP Recipe Maker 4.0.6

  • Fix: Prevent z-index problems in legacy templates
  • Fix: Preview of some shortcodes in the Template Editor
  • Fix: Prevent Template Editor from breaking in "Edit HTML" mode
  • Fix: Don't show dateModified in metadata anymore to prevent rich snippet issues

2018-11-09 | WP Recipe Maker 4.0.5

  • Fix: Prevent variable problem from breaking custom template

2018-11-09 | WP Recipe Maker 4.0.4

  • Feature: Property to open CTA custom links in same or new tab and as nofollow
  • Improvement: Separate stylesheet for modern mode to prevent legacy template conflicts
  • Fix: Make sure recipe metadata shows up on AMP pages
  • Fix: Only include default.css for non-custom templates
  • Fix: Don't add inline styling to recipe snippet buttons in legacy mode

2018-11-06 | WP Recipe Maker 4.0.3

  • Improvement: Speed and resource usage of Template Editor preview
  • Improvement: Print page HTML code
  • Fix: Line breaks in summary, instructions and notes
  • Fix: Print button not clickable in some Legacy templates
  • Fix: Ingredient links in clean legacy template

2018-11-02 | WP Recipe Maker 4.0.2

  • Fix: Template Editor error when creating your own template in the theme folder
  • Fix: Star ratings in legacy clean template

2018-11-02 | WP Recipe Maker 4.0.1

  • Improvement: Prevent caching issue from breaking the backend
  • Fix: Red stars in compact template
  • Fix: Boxes and Columns container with large images
  • Fix: User rating hovering problem in legacy mode
  • Fix: Internet Explorer 11 compatibility

2018-10-31 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 4.0.0

  • Feature: Template Editor
  • Feature: Call to Action shortcode
  • Feature: Custom Pin Image

2018-10-31 | WP Recipe Maker 4.0.0

  • Feature: Template Editor
  • Feature: Set specific template for recipe block in Gutenberg
  • Feature: Set different template for recipe archive pages
  • Feature: Pin Recipe button
  • Feature: Jump to comment form shortcode
  • Feature: Recognize VideoObject meta tags in video embed code
  • Feature: Include dateModified in metadata
  • Improvement: Get rid of paragraphs in summary and instructions to prevent styling issues
  • Improvement: Add slight delay to print dialog to make sure page is fully loaded
  • Improvement: Match multiple URLs for MediaVine embed videos
  • Improvement: Add Cookbook instruction images to previous instruction instead of separate line
  • Improvement: Default options for the recipe dropdowns
  • Fix: Import problem with multiple images on the same line
  • Fix: Import instruction groups from Simple Recipe Pro correctly
  • Fix: Yoast readability highlighter with recipe in post
  • Fix: Loading incorrect ingredient links
  • Fix: Prevent recursion issue when a recipe is added to its own notes
  • Fix: NaN problem in Unit Conversion
  • Fix: Prevent unit conversion issues when using numbers in the ingredient name
  • Fix: Should not mix noindex and canonical on print page
  • Fix: Remove blank lines in HTML fields when saving
  • Fix: Translation JS errors in Gutenberg

2018-09-12 | WP Recipe Maker 3.2.0

  • Feature: Shortcodes for different recipe parts
  • Feature: Setting to show recipe and/or instruction images on the print page
  • Feature: Jump to Recipe Video shortcode and block
  • Feature: Gutenberg blocks and compatibility
  • Improvement: Ignore recipe shortcode in Yoast SEO readability test
  • Improvement: Show ingredient links when using one of the print templates
  • Improvement: Own category for WP Recipe Maker blocks in Gutenberg
  • Improvement: Import Meal Planner Pro instruction images
  • Improvement: Import ingredient links for various plugins
  • Improvement: Import ingredient links from various plugins
  • Improvement: Import instruction links and styling from various plugins
  • Improvement: Register settings and labels for translation in WPML
  • Improvement: Plugin hooks to change star icon
  • Fix: Import ingredient and instruction groups in Cookbook
  • Fix: Update recipe rating when comment gets trashed
  • Fix: Update recipe rating when (un)approving comments
  • Fix: Only update post content in find parents tool when necessary
  • Fix: Scheduled recipes showing in recipe grid
  • Fix: First letter of paragraph not displaying correctly on print page for iOS
  • Fix: PHP Error caused by fallback recipe
  • Fix: Using > sign in Custom Styling

2018-07-23 | WP Recipe Maker 3.1.0

  • Feature: Full video metadata when using Youtube
  • Feature: Use WordPress embed shortcode when using a URL for the video
  • Feature: Import from Purr Recipe plugin
  • Feature: Video metadata for WP YouTube Lyte plugin
  • Improvement: Cache video metadata for 7 days
  • Improvement: Cache recipe rating to improve performance
  • Improvement: Cache comment ratings in meta to reduce database queries
  • Fix: Only show recipe snippets in main query
  • Fix: Prevent theme compatibility issue with first letter in paragraph

2018-06-29 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 3.0.0

  • Feature: Support for new settings page
  • Fix: Breaking content when using Yoast SEO highlighter

2018-06-29 | WP Recipe Maker 3.0.0

  • Feature: Brand new settings page
  • Feature: Add video metadata for the Adthrive shortcode
  • Feature: Support video metadata for oEmbed (YouTube, Vimeo, ...)
  • Feature: Import ratings from Comment Rating Field plugin
  • Improvement: Cache video metadata

2018-05-10 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 2.4.0

  • Feature: Template support for new recipe video feature

2018-05-10 | WP Recipe Maker 2.5.0

  • Feature: Recipe video with metadata
  • Feature: Ability to disable pinning to Pinterest on the print page
  • Feature: Setting to hide keywords from recipe template
  • Feature: Support for new Google Assistant keywords metadata
  • Feature: Use new HowToStep and HowToSection for recipeInstructions metadata
  • Improvement: Canonical URL on Print page
  • Improvement: Change keyword label from settings
  • Improvement: Use correct format for date in metadata
  • Improvement: Noindex print page if parent post is not set

2018-04-20 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 2.3.0

  • Feature: Custom nutrition ingredients on the Manage page

2018-04-20 | WP Recipe Maker 2.4.0

  • Feature: Ability to set recipe type as "Non-Food" and not output metadata
  • Feature: User and comment ratings accessible via REST API
  • Feature: Compatible with Classic block in Gutenberg
  • Improvement: Find Simple Recipe Pro ratings with the "Find Ratings" tool
  • Fix: Ability to remove comment rating
  • Fix: Prevent ratings migration from showing up on first install

2018-03-27 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 2.2.0

  • Feature: Allow 0 values to show up in nutrition label
  • Feature: Use reCAPTCHA in recipe submissions form to prevent spam

2018-03-27 | WP Recipe Maker 2.3.0

  • Feature: Import support for new Simple Recipe Pro update
  • Feature: Allow HTML to be used as text for the print and jump shortcodes
  • Improvement: Nofollow for print links in recipe template
  • Improvement: Adjust height of tooltip on manage page to fit content
  • Improvement: wpautop for recipe notes
  • Improvement: Wider input fields for numbers
  • Improvement: Allow more HTML tags in recipe text

2018-02-27 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 2.1.0

  • Feature: Recipe Submission in Elite Bundle
  • Improvement: Separate table for recipe ratings
  • Improvement: Better alias to unit matching for unit conversion
  • Fix: Remove !important flags from AMP output

2018-02-27 | WP Recipe Maker 2.2.0

  • Feature: Optional custom time field for resting, cooling, ...
  • Feature: Setting for default custom author name
  • Improvement: Tool to find missing recipe ratings from settings page
  • Improvement: Site icon on print page
  • Improvement: Separate instructions steps better in Simple Recipe Pro import
  • Fix: Times not showing in Tastyfully Simple template when Prep Time was not filled in
  • Fix: Not all information showing in nutrition label when only some nutrients were filled in
  • Fix: HTML Entities when editing ingredient fields
  • Fix: Remove !important flags from AMP CSS output
  • Fix: Don't show 0 values in nutrition label after importing

2018-02-02 | WP Recipe Maker 2.1.0

  • Feature: Recipe styling on AMP pages
  • Feature: Set instruction image alignment on settings page
  • Feature: Tool to automatically find parent posts
  • Feature: Import user ratings from Zip Recipes Premium
  • Feature: Import comment ratings from Meal Planner Pro
  • Feature: Import recipes from Cookbook recipe plugin
  • Feature: Import recipes from Simple Recipe Pro
  • Improvement: Use actual link for print button
  • Improvement: Don't apply custom CSS to print page when feature is disabled
  • Improvement: Use svg for TinyMCE button icon
  • Improvement: Set standard text alignment for recipe template
  • Fix: Not finding MealPlannerPro recipes to import
  • Fix: Filter manage table when clicking through from taxonomy

2018-02-02 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 2.0.1

  • Fix: WP Rocket minification compatibility problem
  • Fix: Don't try to load index.php file as addon

2018-01-24 | WP Recipe Maker 2.0.0 & WP Recipe Maker Premium 2.0.0

  • Plugin restructure for performance improvements and Premium bundle system

2017-12-01 | WP Recipe Maker 1.27.0

  • Feature: Create and update recipes via REST API
  • Improvement: Only show automatically added snippets on singular pages
  • Improvement: Only show warning when changes have actually been made
  • Improvement: Introduction video on the welcome page
  • Fix: Status of recipes in scheduled posts
  • Fix: Show correct plural or singular form for hours
  • Fix: Prevent PHP notice caused by metadata
  • Fix: Modal overlay problem

2017-11-22 | WP Recipe Maker 1.26.0

  • Feature: Setting to automatically add recipe snippets like Jump to Recipe
  • Feature: Create recipes on the Manage page
  • Feature: Import from Cooked recipe plugin
  • Improvement: Ability to reset settings to defaults
  • Fix: Prevent issue with image metadata in different thumbnail sizes
  • Fix: Prevent trashing parent post from trashing recipe
  • Fix: Recipe image not loading when using Fly Dynamic Image Resizer

2017-11-03 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 1.7.0

  • Feature: Show user and total ratings on the manage page
  • Feature: Reset user ratings on the manage page
  • Feature: Remove inline metadata from recipe templates

2017-11-03 | WP Recipe Maker 1.25.0

  • Feature: Show recipe rating on manage page
  • Feature: Remove inline metadata for recipes, using JSON-LD metadata only now
  • Feature: Present multiple image sizes to Google in the metadata
  • Feature: Setting to opt out of Pinterest Rich Pins
  • Feature: Import from FoodiePress
  • Improvement: Top margin for nutrition label inside recipe box
  • Improvement: Don't fill in serving unit automatically when empty
  • Fix: Correct font from settings applied to Tastefully Simple template

2017-10-05 | WP Recipe Maker 1.24.0

  • Improvement: Only show ratings given by an enabled feature
  • Improvement: Import title in older versions of EasyRecipe recipes
  • Improvement: Prevent instruction list style icon position problem
  • Fix: Default author setting not working
  • Fix: Make sure recipe rating is updated
  • Fix: Inline rating metadata when there are no votes yet
  • Fix: Prevent PHP warning when saving posts

2017-09-01 | WP Recipe Maker 1.23.0

  • Feature: Import WP Tasty Recipes
  • Improvement: Better handling of shortcodes in JSON-LD metadata
  • Fix: Problem with double recipes in categories
  • Fix: Jetpack Contact Form compatibility problem on manage page

2017-08-24 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 1.6.0

  • Feature: User Ratings
  • Feature: Use checkboxes for ingredients and instructions
  • Improvement: Combined public JS files
  • Improvement: Inline license key activation

2017-08-24 | WP Recipe Maker 1.22.0

  • Feature: RTL support for recipe templates and print
  • Improvement: Print and unit conversion functionality when using the print templates
  • Improvement: Combined public JS files
  • Improvement: Apply appearance settings to print template as well
  • Improvement: Recipe rating saved as post meta
  • Improvement: Migrate WP Ultimate Recipe Premium user ratings
  • Fix: Heading style dropdown in Recipe Notes

2017-08-21 | WP Recipe Maker 1.21.0

  • Feature: change ingredients and instructions list style from settings page
  • Feature: Rename terms on the manage page
  • Feature: Associate same categories as parent post with recipes
  • Improvement: Correctly apply font size setting to Tastefully Simple template
  • Improvement: Ability to override the comment rating templates
  • Fix: Prevent Firefox list style position issue
  • Fix: Make sure Premium version loads with all directory names
  • Fix: Prevent empty nutrition label from showing up

2017-07-06 | WP Recipe Maker Premium - Advanced Nutrition 1.1.0

  • Feature: Adjust nutrition values per ingredient before calculating
  • Feature: Save and recall custom nutrition ingredients
  • Feature: Remember previously matched ingredients

2017-07-03 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 1.5.0

  • Feature: Custom Author Links
  • Feature: Clone Recipe
  • Fix: Servings changer bug with some fractions

2017-07-02 | WP Recipe Maker 1.20.0

  • Feature: Intermediate save when creating or editing recipes
  • Feature: Settings to personalize the ingredient text import
  • Improvement: Abbreviations in ingredient text import
  • Improvement: Immediately update parent post when importing
  • Improvement: Try to fix serialize issues when getting ingredients or instructions
  • Improvement: Prevent styling differences in instructions
  • Fix: EasyRecipe recipes stuck in to import list
  • Fix: Remove leftover debug code

2017-06-07 | WP Recipe Maker 1.19.0

  • Feature: Sub- and superscript in summary and instructions
  • Feature: Allow for basic HTML in ingredients
  • Feature: Setting to align nutrition label left, center or right
  • Improvement: Streamlined import process using AJAX
  • Fix: Ingredients not importing when going too fast in the text import
  • Fix: Prevent wpautop from breaking our icons
  • Fix: Prevent compatibilty bugs when saving posts

2017-05-11 | WP Recipe Maker 1.18.0

  • Feature: Add custom styling to the recipe print page
  • Feature: Bulk delete ingredients
  • Improvement: Easy edit and view links for imported recipes
  • Fix: Prevent jumping to the top on the manage page
  • Fix: Print URL without trailing slash

2017-04-11 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 1.4.0

  • Feature: Text field display for servings changer
  • Feature: Adjust image sizes in Premium templates
  • Fix: Problem with automatic updates

2017-04-11 | WP Recipe Maker 1.17.0

  • Feature: Setting to disable the output of inline CSS
  • Improvement: Better import of ingredient notes
  • Improvement: Prevent themes from messing up the recipe template
  • Fix: Duplicate slug problem

2017-03-28 | WP Recipe Maker 1.16.0

  • Feature: Change image sizes in settings
  • Feature: Recipe placeholders for print credit
  • Feature: Change position of the comment rating stars
  • Improvement: Easier access to next recipes on import page
  • Improvement: change comment rating label
  • Improvement: Support unicode units when parsing ingredients
  • Improvement: Ability to save empty ingredient and instruction groups
  • Improvement: Print shortcode works without JS as well (AMP pages)
  • Improvement: Click on SEO indicator to edit recipe
  • Fix: Search filter in WP Ultimate Post Grid
  • Fix: Saving links for new ingredients in Premium plugin

2017-03-07 | WP Recipe Maker 1.15.0

  • Feature: SEO check on manage page
  • Feature: Change recipe template fonts from settings
  • Feature: Show latest or random recipe with the shortcode
  • Improvement: Show preview of links in recipe summary and instructions
  • Improvement: Import Recipe Card adapted field to recipe notes
  • Improvement: More information in shortcode preview
  • Fix: Disappearing characters in text import
  • Fix: Don't replace encoded characters in ingredient links
  • Fix: Query issues on import recipes page

2017-02-22 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 1.3.0

  • Feature: Set custom ingredient links per recipe
  • Feature: Free text field for nutrition serving size
  • Feature: Change nofollow attribute per ingredient link
  • Improvement: Change global ingredient links from modal

2017-02-22 | WP Recipe Maker 1.14.1

  • Feature: Setting to change access to import recipes page
  • Improvement: Better parsing of ingredients during import
  • Improvement: Stay on correct page after reloading datatable
  • Fix: Ability to remove ingredient links again

2017-02-15 | WP Recipe Maker 1.14.0

  • Feature: Edit Recipe button for easy access
  • Feature: Setting to set capability required for the manage page
  • Improvement: Shortcode preview shows entire recipe
  • Improvement: Taxonomies in REST API
  • Improvement: AggregateRating details in inline metadata even when not shown
  • Improvement: Better parsing of ingredient notes
  • Fix: Clearfix for recipe container
  • Fix: Manage page filters appearing over modal
  • Fix: Pagination on taxonomy manage pages

2017-01-31 | WP Recipe Maker 1.13.0

  • Feature: Filter recipes on manage page by ingredients and tags
  • Feature: Change comment rating stars color in the settings
  • Improvement: Mobile template of Tastefully Simple
  • Fix: Problem with unwanted redirections by the Redirection plugin
  • Fix: Problem with unwanted redirections by the Yoast SEO Premium plugin
  • Fix: Prevent warnings on settings page

2017-01-25 | WP Recipe Maker 1.12.0

  • Feature: Print Credit message
  • Feature: Add existing recipe through modal
  • Feature: Import Yummly recipes
  • Feature: Import Yumprint Recipe Card recipes
  • Fix: Issue with shortcode preview displaying on the front-end
  • Fix: Prevent importing empty lines
  • Fix: Prevent datatable from outputting errors as alerts
  • Fix: Empty ingredient groups in text import
  • Fix: Text import unit issue in some languages

2017-01-05 | WP Recipe Maker 1.11.0

  • Improvement: Set default value for Author Display field
  • Improvement: Noindex the print page
  • Improvement: Better margins for recipe image in Tastefully Simple
  • Fix: Make sure correct nutrition label is shown with multiple recipes on a page
  • Fix: Tastefully Simple template image on mobile

2016-12-16 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 1.2.0

  • Feature: Create your own recipe taxonomies (like courses and cuisines)
  • Feature: Smarter servings changer works for ranges as well
  • Feature: Setting to display nutrition label in recipe template

2016-12-16 | WP Recipe Maker 1.10.0

  • Feature: Change recipe template colors in the settings
  • Feature: Change recipe template labels in the settings
  • Feature: Manage courses and cuisines
  • Improvement: Show days in recipe times
  • Improvement: Recipe import performance
  • Improvement: Prevent accidental closing of the modal
  • Improvement: Setting to use featured image of parent post
  • Improvement: Prevent recipe getting overwritten by our other shortcodes
  • Fix: Prevent issue with post content replacing recipe notes
  • Fix: Only import numbers for nutrition facts
  • Fix: WordFence Compatibility

2016-11-30 | WP Recipe Maker 1.9.0

  • Feature: Manage recipes and ingredients in a central place
  • Feature: Edit recipes through the WP Recipe Maker button
  • Fix: Prevent Divi Builder bug

2016-11-23 | WP Recipe Maker 1.8.0

  • Feature: Import from ZipList and Zip Recipes
  • Improvement: Increased performance of recipe dropdowns
  • Improvement: Don't output JSON-LD metadata in RSS feed
  • Improvement: Use fallback recipe in RSS feed
  • Improvement: Easier to select multiple recipes for import
  • Improvement: Indicate recipes without parent post in import
  • Fix: Use correct default feature settings

2016-11-11 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 1.1.0

  • Feature: Merge and delete ingredients
  • Feature: Show recipe count when managing ingredients
  • Improvement: Show nutrition label in print version
  • Improvement: Setting to disable adjustable servings
  • Improvement: Alignment options for the nutrition label

2016-11-10 | WP Recipe Maker 1.7.0

  • Feature: Import recipe from text
  • Feature: Add nofollow links in summary and instructions
  • Feature: Import recipes from Meal Planner Pro
  • Feature: Import recipes from BigOven
  • Improvement: Setting to disable comment ratings
  • Improvement: Recognize unicode fractions when importing ingredients
  • Improvement: Import nutrition facts from WP Ultimate Recipe
  • Fix: Only show nutritional metadata if present
  • Fix: Consistent behaviour for automatic time calculations

2016-10-25 | WP Recipe Maker Premium 1.0.0

  • Feature: Ingredient Links
  • Feature: Adjustable Servings
  • Feature: Nutrition Label
  • Feature: Kitchen Timer
  • Feature: Manage recipes overview page
  • Feature: 3 new Premium templates

2016-10-25 | WP Recipe Maker 1.6.0

  • Feature: Show hours for longer recipe times
  • Improvement: Prevent font size inconsistencies in template
  • Fix: Don't associate recipes with revisions
  • Fix: Capital letters in template names

2016-10-20 | WP Recipe Maker 1.5.0

  • Feature: Set recipe author
  • Improvement: Sanitize metadata before outputting
  • Fix: Warning when adding comments as a subscriber
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with Jetpack
  • Fix: Prevent infinite shortcode loop

2016-10-10 | WP Recipe Maker 1.4.0

  • Feature: Access recipes though REST API
  • Feature: Choose specific recipe template in shortcode
  • Improvement: Check for leftover ER comment ratings when importing from WP Ultimate Recipe
  • Improvement: Execute shortcodes in the recipe template
  • Fix: Include correct stylesheet when using recipe templates from theme
  • Fix: Show all recipes to be checked instead of just 8 recipes
  • Fix: Use correct print URL if WordPress is in a subdirectory
  • Fix: Linebreak accumulation when updating recipes
  • Fix: Prevent Post Type Switcher plugin bug from breaking recipes

2016-09-27 | WP Recipe Maker 1.3.0

  • Feature: Import from WP Ultimate Recipe
  • Feature: wpDiscuz support for comment ratings
  • Improvement: Use photo from Photo tab when importing from EasyRecipe
  • Improvement: Check for custom templates in both parent and child theme
  • Improvement: Different print system for better browser compatibility
  • Fix: Round average comment rating to 2 decimals

2016-09-19 | WP Recipe Maker 1.2.0

  • Feature: New "Tastefully Simple" template, similar to EasyRecipe
  • Feature: New "Clean Print with Image" recipe template
  • Feature: Print recipe shortcode
  • Feature: Jump to recipe shortcode
  • Improvement: Shortcode preview includes image and summary
  • Fix: use ratingCount instead of reviewCount for JSON-LD metadata
  • Fix: Trailing slash issue in asset URLs

2016-09-10 | WP Recipe Maker 1.1.0

  • Feature: Comment ratings with metadata
  • Feature: Inline metadata for Pinterest rich pins
  • Feature: Calories field for nutrition metadata
  • Improvement: FAQ pages
  • Improvement: Strip HTML from JSON-LD metadata

2016-09-07 | WP Recipe Maker 1.0.0

  • Feature: JSON-LD Metadata
  • Feature: Intuitive workflow using regular posts or pages
  • Feature: Import from EasyRecipe
  • Feature: Clean printing of recipes
  • Feature: Fallback recipe when the plugin is disabled
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