Version 4.0.4 - Changing the look of the Cutout template

In version 4.0.0 we released our brand new  Template Editor feature and with it included some new designs based on feedback of what our customers were looking for. These were built from scratch using our unique templating system. One of those templates was the "Cutout" template with the recipe image as a circle at the top.

A few days later we received a Cease and Desist letter by Mediavine with a copyright infringement claim for our "Cutout" template being too similar to one of the recipe templates included in their own recipe plugin.

Compared to our 2-person company Mediavine is huge, so after some back and forth we decided that we did not want to get into a legal mess, and focus our time on further developing WP Recipe Maker instead.

The down side is that we had to make changes to our Cutout template. Notably the image is rounded now, instead of a circle, and the background color of the header is a different kind of blue. Luckily our Template Editor allows you to easily make changes yourself, so if you don't like this new color, change it to any other color you want.

We do apologize as we do not like releasing an update that forces a change to how your recipes look, but we hope you understand why we did it.

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