Recipe Collections

See the Recipe Collections feature in action

Recipe Collections allow your visitors to save the recipes on your website in their own collections and then generate a shopping list for them. Can be used for collecting favorites, meal planning and much more!

For visitors, the collections are automatically stored in their browser for later reuse. For logged in users they are saved in the database and will be accessible from any device, when they are logged in.

Getting started with the (Saved) Recipe Collections Feature

This video covers the basics on getting started with (Saved) Recipe Collections:

How to use Recipe Collections

Customizing Recipe Collections

Check the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Recipe Collections page for all the options!

Overview of some Advanced Recipe Collections features

This video gives a quick overview of some of the more advanced collections features like pre-made collections and starter templates:

Recipe Collections Examples

Need some ideas on how to use this feature? How about keeping track of your favorite recipes:

Planning your weekly meals:

Or finding the perfect menu for your Birthday Party:

Planned improvements for the future

Just a few ideas for making this feature even better that are already on todo list:

If you have other suggestions, just let us know!

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