ItemList metadata for Recipe Roundup posts

Use our Recipe Roundup feature for your roundup posts and we’ll automatically output the ItemList metadata that Google needs to display your recipes in a Carousel.

Why should I use this?

By using our feature we automatically output the metadata this allows you to show up in Google like this:

In the above example, one of our customers used this exact feature for a Valentine's Day roundup post and had her post showing up as a carousel in Google.

As you can see you'll get a lot of attention with links to the roundup post itself and links to the individual recipes as well. This is only possible because of the metadata we added!

Take note that you might not want to add this metadata on a page that already has regular recipe metadata. This is possible by enabling "No metadata when there is recipe metadata" on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Recipe Roundup page.

Roundup List or individual Roundup Items

We have 2 options for creating a roundup post. You can either create a full list in our interface and add that list to a post or add individual roundup items to a post.

The advantage of a roundup list is that you can manage them all in one place. They are a bit faster and easier to edit.

If you want more control over the layout of a post, we recommend adding individual roundup item blocks. Those can be added in between the other blocks of the post.

Both options will be covered below.

Creating a Roundup List

You can find all roundup lists on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Roundup Lists > Lists page:

Using the blue button in the top right you also have the option to create a list here:

Once you've created a Roundup List, you still have to add it to a regular post or page using the block or shortcode.

If you use the Block Editor, you can add the "WPRM Roundup List" block to display one:

In the Classic Editor or page builders you can also display a Roundup List using the [wprm-list id=123] shortcode. Both the ID (and an easy to copy shortcode) can be found on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Roundup Lists > Lists page.

Adding individual Roundup Items

Instead a full list, you can add individual roundup items to your post or page.

In the block editor, add a new WPRM Recipe Roundup Item block like this:

This will add a placeholder to your content and requires you to select a recipe as the next step:

You can add as many of these Recipe Roundup Items to the content, anywhere you want. They will automatically become part of the ItemList metadata.

Finally, it's also possible to enrich that metadata with a name and description. Just click on any of the Recipe Roundup Item blocks to set those values in the sidebar.

The sidebar will also list the number of items in your list, as a check.

Adding a roundup item can be done in the Classic Editor as well by clicking on the "WP Recipe Maker" button and then choosing the "Recipe Roundup Item" under Other Features.

Changing the Recipe Roundup Item template

The default template for a roundup item can be changed on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Recipe Roundup page:

It's possible to edit this template using the Template Editor, adding recipe elements like the image, name and summary we used in the example on our demo website.

Linking to external websites

While external websites won't be part of the itemList metadata (that's not allowed), you can still add a roundup item for them so you end up with a uniform layout:

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