Metadata for How-to Instructions

See the How-to Metadata feature in action

WP Recipe Maker can not only be used for food recipes. The plugin works for DIY, crafts and other How-to instructions just as well and will automatically include How-to metadata Google wants to see.

To add a How-to recipe, choose the correct recipe type when creating/editing a recipe:

Instead of ingredients you'll be adding materials (the supplies you'll be using when following these instructions), but apart from that the fields are pretty much the same.

Video hasPart metadata

If you add a video to how-to instructions you'll be able to indicate which instruction steps are covered in that video and specify the exact start and endtime. This will become part of the video metadata as "hasPart".

Here's an example how-to recipe where the first three instruction steps are part of the video:

Take note that these video fields will only show up for how-to instructions that actually have a video set.

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