Export Recipes to JSON

On the WP Recipe Maker > Manage page make sure to have the "Bulk Edit" column active. Select the recipes you want to export and click on the "Bulk Edit" button in the top right of the screen.

In the modal that appears, select the "Export Recipes" option and click on the blue button to confirm. By default, only the recipes themselves are exported. When you import them on the new site they will only exist on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage page as a draft until you add them to a regular post again. If you pick the "Recipes with their parent post" option, that parent post will get exported and imported together with the recipe in it.

Optionally enable the "User Ratings" to be included in the export file as well.

Important: Comments and some other fields (that other plugins might have added) cannot be exported/imported. If you want to move over everything as is (for example when making a copy of a live site or moving to a different webhost), we recommend migrating the entire database instead.

If the export was successful you'll get a link to download the .json export file, which contains the selected recipes:

This file can now be imported using our Import Recipes from JSON feature.

An example export of the Amazing Vegetable Pizza recipe on our demo site can be found here:


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