Custom and Calculated Nutrients

On the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Your Custom Fields > Custom Nutrients page you can find an overview of all the available nutrients for the nutrition label:

Use the blue button in the top right of the screen to create your own custom or calculated nutrient.

Creating a Custom Nutrient

A custom nutrient needs a unique key and a label. Optionally you can add a unit and daily need value:

Once create it will automatically be available for filling in when editing a recipe a custom nutrition ingredient.

Creating a Calculated Nutrient

Change the type to "Calculated" to create a calculated nutrient instead. These are nutrients that cannot get filled in manually but are rather calculated from the values of other nutrients.

Calculated nutrients will show up automatically in any nutrition label on your website with their value calculated automatically.

In the Calculation field you can use any nutrient key and mathematical expression. A few examples:

  • carbohydrates - fiber
  • (protein + carbohydrates) * 4 + fat * 9
  • ( (protein * 4) / calories ) * 100

The Decimal Precision field can be used to change the precision of the calculated result.

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