Import from Create by Mediavine

If you have any Create recipes (food or DIY) on your website they should automatically be detected and appear on the WP Recipe Maker > Import Recipes page. With the click of a button you can import the recipes you want.

These fields cannot be imported at the moment:

Make sure to read through our general information for importing recipes from other plugins as well!

Importing ratings and reviews

After importing, make sure to use the "Find Recipe Ratings" tool on the WP Recipe Maker > Tools page if you had any recipe ratings.

WP Recipe Maker doesn't have a reviews system like MV Create, separate from the regular comments. Those reviews will come over as regular user ratings by default, meaning that only their vote will show up and not the text.

We do have the ability to convert those MV Create Reviews to regular WordPress comments (with a comment rating). That can be done on the WP Recipe Maker > Tools page as well.

Importing Lists

If you were using Create Lists for roundup posts, you can recreate those as WP Recipe Maker Roundup Lists through the button on the WP Recipe Maker > Tools page.

After running that tool, you should fine all Create Lists recreated as Roundup Lists on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Roundup Lists > Lists page.

Take note that the lists will not automatically be replaced in the post where you're displaying the Create List. This has to be done manually be adding in the Roundup List block or shortcode to replace the Create one.

The tool can be run as many times as you want, taking these remarks into consideration:

  • We will only be able to match Create recipes if the recipes themselves have been imported to WP Recipe Maker before.
  • If you run the "Recreate Lists in WP Recipe Maker" tool a second time it will fully replace the WPRM Roundup List that was created the first time. So changes made to that first recreation will be lost.
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