Equipment Affiliate HTML

If you want to fully integrate your Equipment Links with an affiliate program you can simply add the HTML code they provide and have that output the equipment image.

This HTML can be set on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Recipe Fields > Equipment page (make sure the "Affiliate HTML" column is enabled):

To actually display this HTML you'll want to edit the "Recipe Equipment" block in the Template Editor and change to the "Images" or "Grid" display style:

Where can I find the HTML code I need to add?

That depends on the affiliate program you're using. HTML code will usually start with something like <a ... or <iframe ... instead of a regular link (https://...).

For Amazon specifically, you'd use the "Image" or "Text+Image" option, and copy that code:

Amazon does not offer the SiteStripe HTML anymore?!

At the end of 2023 Amazon announced the SiteStripe HTML would not work anymore. To accommodate customers using the Amazon Affiliate program we build an actual integration with Amazon, using their PA API.

You can learn more about the Amazon Products feature here.

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