Easy Affiliate Links Integration

Our Easy Affiliate Links plugin can be used to manage all affiliate links on your website and also integrates with WP Recipe Maker.

Enabling the EAFL integration

The only thing you need to do is make sure the latest version both Easy Affiliate Links and WP Recipe Maker are installed. It will work with the free version of both plugins.

Using EAFL in the rich text editor

When writing a summary or instructions you'll be able to select any text that you want to make a link. Use the blue link icon to create/use an EAFL link instead of a regular link:

After adding an affiliate link the toolbar will also give you the option to edit it using EAFL.

Using EAFL for Ingredient and Equipment links

On the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Recipe Fields > Ingredients page you'll be able to enable the "Easy Affiliate Links" column which gives you the EAFL icon that can be used to pick an affiliate link for this ingredient:

If an Affiliate Link is set it will not use the value used in the "Link" or "Link Nofollow" column anymore. The link is now handled by the Easy Affiliate Links plugin.

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