Comment Ratings

See the Comment Ratings feature in action

Allow your visitors to vote on your recipes while leaving a comment. This rating will be added to the recipe metadata and can therefore show up in Google's rich snippets.

Enable Comment Ratings

Comment ratings can be enabled on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Star Ratings page.

Take note that for this feature to work you’ll need to use the default WordPress comment system or the WP Discuz plugin. When using the Jetpack comments feature the rating functionality will not show up.

After disabling the Jetpack comments feature (no need to disable the entire Jetpack plugin) your comments will still be there and the form will now allow you to add stars.

Comment Rating Options

On the  WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Star Ratings page you can change the color of the stars shown in the comments section, the position of the stars inside of a comment (not in the comment form but the comment itself) and the label to use in the comment form.

Can I remove or change comment ratings?

Yes! You can change them while editing a comment through the Comments page in the WP backend or on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Features > Ratings page:

I cannot click on the stars in the comment form

This usually happens because of a JavaScript problem caused by another plugin or your theme. Try  these debugging steps or contact us.

The comment section is not showing up

If it's the entire comment section that's not showing up (so there's no form for users to type their comment in), it's probably not related to WP Recipe Maker. WordPress itself and your theme are responsible for that section. We basically just add the stars functionality to the existing comment form.

Check the Settings > Discussion page (WordPress settings, not WP Recipe Maker settings) to make sure it's set to "Allow people to submit comments on new posts":

Also take note of the "Automatically close comments on posts older than X days" setting. If that is enabled, the comment form (including the comment star rating) will disappear after that number of days.

In some cases, your theme might not include the code to output the comments section at all. You could test if the theme is causing the problem by switching to a default theme (like TwentyTwenty) for a second.

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