User Ratings

In the free plugin you can get ratings on your recipe with  comment ratings. The Premium plugin makes it even easier to get ratings by allowing your visitors to simply click on the stars within the recipe card.

Both comment and user ratings will be combined to an average that is shown both in the recipe and the recipe metadata.

Different User Ratings Modes

On the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Star Ratings > User Ratings page you can switch between 2 different user ratings modes. We recommend the default "Open a modal when clicking on the stars" option.

When visitors click on the stars it will then open a modal where they can decide to leave a comment as well. Comments will be a big trust factor for other visitors, so we try to make it as easy as possible for visitors to leave one.

Changing the User Ratings Modal

On the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Star Ratings > User Ratings Modal page you will find settings to change the text and colors used in the modal:

The "Thank You Message" can be a great place to direct visitors to an email sign up form, for example. If they took the time to rate your recipe, they might be interested in joining your email list as well.

Settings for the modal colors in general can be found on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Custom Style page.

How to prevent bad user ratings

To prevent visitors from leaving bad ratings by just clicking on the stars we recommend using the "Force visitors to leave a comment" setting on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Recipe Ratings page. This forces people to actually leave a comment if they want to give the recipe a rating of 3 stars or less, for example:

Take note that you need to have the Comment Ratings feature enabled for this setting to show up.

Having a comment alongside a bad rating allows you to learn from it or interact with the visitor. Maybe the recipe can be improved or some things could be communicated better?

Can we edit User Ratings for a recipe?

The individual user ratings can be viewed and edited on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Features > Ratings page.

It's also possible to reset all User Ratings for a recipe on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Recipes page.

I can only seem to vote once from my house?

The User Ratings feature includes an IP check to prevent spam. Because of this you can probably only vote once from your house, even when using different devices. Take this into account when testing the feature.

I cannot click on the stars in the recipe

This usually happens because of a JavaScript problem caused by another plugin or your theme. Try  these debugging steps or contact us.

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