Taxonomy Term Images

See the Taxonomy Term Images feature in action

Add images to any of the taxonomy terms and display them in your recipe template using a "Recipe Tag" block in the Template Editor.

Demo Video

In this example video we create a "Allergen" taxonomy and display it as images in the recipe template.

Quick note: in the video I did not set an alt text for the images. Make sure to do that, if you're going to display them as images only.

Making your images clickable

This feature can be combined with the Taxonomy Term Links feature to make these images clickable as well and take your visitors to whatever URL you want.

Take note that Google wants clickable items to be at least 50 by 50 pixels, so size your images accordingly.

Displaying the icons elsewhere on the page

Any of the shortcodes you use inside the Template Editor (you can spot them under "Edit HTML") work elsewhere on the page as well.

On our demo site you'll see "Fish Free" and "Peanut Free" show up at the top of the page as well. That was done by adding a shortcode block, like in the attached screenshot.

To find that shortcode, a "Recipe Tag" block was added in the Template Editor, set up correctly, and then copied from the "Edit HTML" view.

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