Prevent CLS issues

Cumulative Layout Shift (or CLS) is one of Google's "Web Vitals Metrics". In short, it measures if elements on your page "jump around". You don't want visitors misclicking because of a button suddenly moving down when something above finishes loading, for example. You can learn more about the details here.

If you're seeing CLS issues that appear to be related to WP Recipe Maker, try playing around with the following settings on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Performance page:

Only load Assets when needed
By disabling this, our stylesheets will get loaded in the site head, meaning that the styling gets loaded before the content. That way, the content doesn't have to wait for the stylesheet to get loaded before knowing what it should look like exactly. Probably best to combine this with the following settings.

Default Snippet Templates in Footer and Default Recipe Templates in Footer
Disable to load the default snippet/recipe templates in the site head. Best to combine with disabling "Only load Assets when needed" to prevent styling issues.

Take note that by using these settings you will be slowing down the page load slightly. This is a trade-off between page speed (loading the content first, styling later) and CLS (loading the styling first).

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