My Emissions Carbon Footprint Label

See the My Emissions Carbon Footprint Label in action

Important: My Emissions stopped offering this service. New users will not be able to sign up anymore.

My Emissions allows you to easily add a carbon label to all your recipe cards, allowing you to display the carbon footprint of your recipes just like nutritional information. All the hard work is done for you, with the values automatically calculated and added to your recipe cards.

To get started, sign up for their service (there's a special reduced price for WPRM users!) and enable the integration on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Integrations page:

You either have the option to enable "Show label for all recipes" on that settings page, or enable the Carbon Footprint label per recipe. To enable per recipe, you can simply use the "My Emissions Label" checkbox in the "General" section when editing one of your recipes:

When "Show label for all recipes" is enabled, this checkbox doesn't appear.

Adding the Carbon Footprint Label to your Recipe Template

Simply enabling the integration doesn't make the label itself show up yet. You'll need to make sure to add the "Recipe My Emissions Label" block to your recipe template using the "Add Blocks" section in the Template Editor.

After adding you'll be able to edit the block properties. This can be used to add an "Environmental Information" header styled like the rest of the recipe headers, for example:

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