The Recipe Post Type

Recipes are stored in your WordPress database as a custom post type called "wprm_recipe".

By default, this is not a public post type, but recipes rather exist as part of a so-called "parent post". The parent post is the one with the URL and the recipe is just a part of it. You can learn more here:

Making the recipe post type public

We only recommend doing this if you have a very specific reason for it. In general, adding recipes as part of regular posts will ensure the best compatibility with other plugins and themes.

If you do want the recipes to be a public post type, change the "Recipe Existence" setting to "Public" on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Post Type & Taxonomies page:

You'll have to set a recipe slug, which is where the recipes will live on your site. For example: could be the URL to a recipe with "recipe" as the slug (the /recipe/ part).

By enabling the "Recipe Archive Page" setting, you'll also by able to go to directly to get a list of the latest recipes.

When making changes to any of the above settings, make sure to flush your permalinks or you might get 404 errors.

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