Using fractions for ingredient amounts

Prefer using fractions to decimals in your ingredient amounts? That's not a problem! WP Recipe Maker will recognize these as well and also allows you to use fraction symbols. Think ¼ instead of 1/4. Using fraction symbols like ¼ is better for accessibility, so it's what we recommend.

Manually inserting fraction symbols

When you're editing the ingredient amounts for a recipe you'll see a toolbar show up at the bottom of the modal with different fraction symbols. Clicking on any of them will insert them where your cursor is:

Automatically using fraction symbols

Already have a lot of recipes where you typed "1/4" and "1/8" instead of using the fraction symbols? No problem! By enabling the "Automatic Amount Fraction Symbols" setting on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Recipe Editing page they will automatically get replaced when displaying the ingredient amounts.

Fractions after adjusting servings

By default, adjusting servings will end up using decimals for your ingredient amounts. If you prefer fractions, enable the "Use Fractions" setting on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Adjustable Servings page:

A few other settings allow you to finetune things. We recommend the defaults (like in the screenshot) but you could for example increase the "Max Denominator" if you need a higher precision.

At the moment "Use Fractions" is a general setting. It's not possible to use decimals for some ingredients and fractions for others.

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