Private Notes

See the Private Notes feature in action

With the optional private notes feature you can allow your visitors to store their own private notes for a recipe on your site. These notes will only be visible to them, not any other visitors.

Adding the Private Notes feature

To add this feature to your recipe card you use the Template Editor. Under "Add Blocks" you'll find the "Private Notes" block that can be added wherever you want in the template, just like any other block.

By editing the block you can add a header and style and change the text:

Adding the block to the template should be enough for the feature to work. A visitor can now click on that link to start typing their own notes. Take note that you can't test the feature in the Template Editor, but it should work fine on the actual site.

Where is this data stored?

If a user is logged in the information will be saved in your site's database as user metadata. This means that the user will be able to see their own private notes whenever they are logged in to your site.

If a visitor is not logged in, it's still possible to store private notes. These will then be stored in their browser's local storage, only accessible to them and not communicated to your server in any way.

Restricting access to the feature

Want to have this feature only available to logged in users? You can set that as an option on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Private Notes page:

This is a great place to direct regular visitors to learn more about the membership, for example!

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