Temperatures with Oven Symbols

See the Temperatures with Oven Symbols feature in action

When editing some of the rich text fields in a recipe (like the summary and instructions) you can find a temperature icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the modal.

Click on it to add a temperature to your recipe:

Once you've entered the value, click inside of it to change its options. You can add an icon, change the unit and add an optional tooltip that visitors will see when they hover over the temperature.

The default unit that's used here can be changed on the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Recipe Editing page for your convenience.

Adding the shortcode manually

If you want to add the shortcode somewhere outside of the rich text recipe fields, it's also possible to manually type the shortcode like this:

[wprm-temperature value="350" unit="F" icon="oven-fan" help="Fan Assisted Heating"]

This is the list of icons you can use right now:

  • oven-top
  • oven-fan
  • oven-grill-top
  • oven-top-bottom
  • oven-bottom
  • temperature
  • heat
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