Ingredient Images

See the Ingredient Images feature in action

You can add images to your ingredients by enabling the "Image" column on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Recipe Fields > Ingredients page:

They should show up in your recipes automatically as soon as you do that.

In the Template Editor you can play around with the ingredient block properties to have the ingredients (and their images) show up the way you want:

To achieve the example above, we changed the "Ingredients Style" to "Grouped" and set the "Image Style" to "Circle", for example.

The "List Style" property was also set to "None" to not have the traditional ingredient bullet points show up.

I don't want the images to show up for all recipes

By default, an ingredient image will show up as soon as you add one. You might not want that, until a recipe has all the ingredient images actually set.

To achieve that, you could set the "Image Position" property to "Don't Show" in the ingredient block properties you see in the screenshot above. If you have it like that for your default recipe template, no ingredient images will show.

If you do want the images to show for some specific recipes, you could then pick a specific template for those, where that template does have the images set to show.

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