Recipe Analytics

On the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Analytics page you have the option to enable Local Tracking of Recipe Analytics:

What this does is track different interactions that your visitors can have with recipes: clicking the jump to recipe button, printing a recipe, rating a recipe, adjusting servings or unit system, ...

Once enabled, you'll find some charts displaying that data on the WP Recipe Maker > Dashboard page:

The raw data for this can be viewed on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Analytics page as well.

Visualizing the data

Originally this data was collected to send to a partner company, handling the recipe analytics software. Unfortunately they decided to stop offering that service, so at the moment it's only the summary on the dashboard page and the raw data that gets collected.

We do plan on adding some more visualization options ourselves.

Alternatively, you could also enable the Google Analytics 4 Event Tracking to get the same interactions as events in Google Analytics.

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