Chicory In-Recipe Ads and Shoppable Button

Chicory monetizes your content with contextual, in-recipe ads that make sense for your food site, and offers your audience a seamless shoppable experience at 70+ integrated retailers, including Walmart and Instacart. Available in the U.S. only.

To install, please visit the WP Recipe Maker > Settings > Integrations page and follow the steps below. 

  1. Complete this sign-up form to register directly with Chicory. This is required to set up earnings payment.
  2. Enable Chicory by toggling on the first switch under “Activate Chicory.” Once enabled, two additional sections will appear below.
  3. Enable Chicory’s shoppable recipe button by toggling on the second switch.
  4. Enable Chicory’s in-recipe ads by toggling on the third switch.

In-Recipe Ads

Chicory’s in-recipe ads will appear within and below your recipes’ ingredient lists, allowing you to secure earnings from relevant grocery advertisers. 

The ads are contextually targeted to your recipes, which means they’ll only provide your site visitors with relevant product recommendations. For example, a user may see an ad for chocolate chips within a chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

Shoppable Recipe Button

Chicory’s Shoppable Recipe Button will appear below your recipes’ ingredient lists, allowing users to cart the ingredients for your recipes at their retailer of choice. Chicory has direct integrations with 70+ retailers. This functionality enhances the value of your site for users, increasing the likelihood that they will return to your recipes for inspiration and meal planning.

Payment Information

In order to receive earnings payment, you must complete this sign-up form

Once you’ve successfully installed Chicory through WP Recipe Maker, you will receive a confirmation email, followed by an email providing access to your earnings dashboard. 

Please login to the earnings dashboard to enter your PayPal information. From there, you will be paid on a net-60 schedule. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.


Q: Will Chicory slow down my site or impact my Core Web Vitals scores? 

A: No, Chicory’s lightweight tech loads asynchronously to avoid negatively impacting page load speed and is optimized according to Google’s standards to ensure minimal impact to your Core Web Vitals scores.

Q: Can I opt-out of including Chicory on specific posts?

A: Yes, you can opt-out specific recipes on your site from featuring Chicory advertising. To do so, please reach out to

Q: I installed Chicory but am not seeing the Shoppable Recipe button or in-recipe ads appear on my site yet. Why is this?

A: Chicory’s technology is triggered by site traffic and will appear when a site visitor lands on a recipe. All of your recipes will enter Chicory’s system as users visit those pages. Please note, it may take some time for all of your recipes to import. This process may take up to an hour after you first view the recipe. 

Q: I'm an international content creator. Can I work with Chicory?

A: Yes! Chicory works with international bloggers who have a readership within the United States. However, our retailer integrations only deliver within the United States and our in-recipe ads only display within US zip codes.

Q: I work with an ad network already. Am I able to activate Chicory?

A: Yes! Many creators that work with Chicory are also affiliated with other ad networks. In fact, we have direct partnerships with Mediavine and SHE Media Collective. Mediavine creators can enable Chicory directly within their Mediavine dashboard. SHE Media creators will have Chicory installed on their site upon joining their ad network.

Q: What are the details of your payment policy?

A: Content creators who work with Chicory directly will be paid in full, every month, on a net-60 schedule. In order to receive a payment, the email associated with your PayPal account must be entered into your Chicory dashboard in the My Account tab. All payments will be sent out through PayPal unless otherwise discussed.

If you are a Mediavine blogger using Chicory, your payments will come via Mediavine, on Mediavine’s payment schedule. All questions regarding payments should be directed toward

For more questions regarding Chicory’s in-recipe ads or shoppable button, please visit our full FAQs page


For further assistance, please reach out to for support. We’re happy to help.

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