Fallback Recipe

See the Fallback Recipe feature in action

If for some reason you have to (temporarily) disable WP Recipe Maker your recipes will still be visible thanks to our fallback recipe system. So no need to worry about visitors missing content because of website problems.

Can I change the look of the Fallback Recipe

That's not possible at the moment, but is on our idea list!

How does this work technically?

When you add a recipe shortcode somewhere, we don't actually save that shortcode in the database but rather replace it with the recipe text, surrounded by a unique WPRM comment. That's what gets stored in the posts table.

If you then load the post content with WP Recipe Maker activated, we revert that change so we end up with the shortcode again that can then dynamically output the full recipe template. If WPRM is not activated it will output that simple text, as stored in the database. This prevents the page from simply showing a broken [wprm-recipe id=123] shortcode.

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