What about WP Ultimate Recipe?

In 2013 we launched our first recipe plugin, WP Ultimate Recipe which was actually pretty popular, so it might seem confusing that we released another recipe plugin.

Why the new plugin?

A few structural choices we made early on caused WP Ultimate Recipe to be quite complex and not 100% compatible with all themes. With WP Recipe Maker we built the perfect recipe plugin from scratch, without all the baggage of years of development.

WP Recipe Maker was built from the ground up with all the things we learned from years of developing our other recipe plugin. We think the workflow is easier and the plugin should be more performant as well.

What's the difference with WP Ultimate Recipe?

WP Recipe Maker has pretty much all the features our old plugin had and more!

Some features do exist in WP Recipe Maker but will not migrate over from WP Ultimate Recipe because they were built differently:

Taking note of these differences, we highly recommend you to switch to WP Recipe Maker for these reasons:

  • Better performance, faster page loads
  • More user friendly and overall easier to use
  • A lot less compatibility problems with other themes and plugins
  • Fully Gutenberg integrated
  • Even more features than WP Ultimate Recipe
  • It's the plugin we're focussing on for the future

Learn more about all the WP Recipe Maker features on its website.

How can I switch to WP Recipe Maker?

Migrating the recipes themselves is pretty much just the click of a button. Just make sure to set up an automatic redirect as shown in that documentation.

But I already paid for WP Ultimate Recipe Premium!

We offer a free Bundle of WP Recipe Maker and WP Ultimate Post Grid if you bought your WP Ultimate Recipe Premium license before June 13, 2019 and still have an active, yearly renewed license. It will be valid for the same period as your license is now.

Bought it after that date or haven't renewed? We can still get you a discount for the new plugin.

Just contact us and ask.

The future of WP Ultimate Recipe

We stopped selling the Premium version of WP Ultimate Recipe in 2020, only allowing existing licenses to be renewed. This basically ensures you that you can move over to WP Recipe Maker Elite at any time.

The old WP Ultimate Recipe plugin does not get new features or improvements anymore so we HIGHLY recommend you moving over to WP Recipe Maker as soon as possible.

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