Creating a recipe

Make sure to check the An overview of WP Recipe Maker documentation first.

Creating a recipe in the Block Editor (Gutenberg)

Add the "WPRM Recipe" block to either create a new recipe or insert an existing one:

Creating a recipe in the Classic Editor

Click on the "WP Recipe Maker" button above the post content or the cutlery icon in the toolbar:

In the modal you'll be able to create a new recipe or insert an existing one.

Creating a recipe on the Manage page

There is a blue "Create Recipe" button to the right of the WP Recipe Maker > Manage page. You can use it to create a recipe without immediately adding it to an existing post.

Creating a recipe in Elementor

WP Recipe Maker adds a new "WPRM Recipe" block to the Elementor page builder:

Once you add that you'll be able to select the recipe you want to display:

Creating a recipe in other page builders

If you don't have the WP Recipe Maker options available in the page builder you're using you can still add recipes with their shortcode. Follow the instructions above to create a recipe on the Manage page and insert it by typing in the shortcode directly: [wprm-recipe id=123]

To insert the "Tasty Beef Bowl" recipe in the screenshot there you'd use [wprm-recipe id=138], for example.

Instead of having to type the shortcode you can also enable the "Shortcode" column on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage page. That will show the shortcode you need for every recipe and allow you to click on the shortcode to copy it to your clipboard.

It should appear wherever you then paste that shortcode in your page builder.

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