Recipe Shortcodes

Recipe Shortcode

While we recommend using the interface to add recipes, you can also display it directly using the recipe shortcode.

  • [wprm-recipe id="123"]

    Display a recipe with a specific ID

  • [wprm-recipe id="random"]

    Display a random recipe

  • [wprm-recipe id="123" template="basic"]

    Display a specific recipe in a specific template (only when using modern template mode)

Feature Shortcodes

Some features have their own shortcode. Add it to a regular WordPress page to display this feature.

Recipe Snippets
  • [wprm-recipe-snippet]

    Add to a page with a recipe to output the recipe snippet

Recipe Roundup Items
Recipe Submission Form
Recipe Collections

Block Shortcodes

Block shortcodes are used in the Template Editor. Their attributes automatically translate to properties that can be adjusted using the Template Editor UI.

Shortcode Generator

The easiest way to find the shortcode you need is to go to the WP Recipe Maker > Template Editor and use the Shortcode Generator. Here you can select any shortcode available and get a UI to change the different properties.

Once you have the block set up the way you want, you can easily copy the shortcode it generated to use elsewhere.

Block Shortcodes in the Template Editor

General Blocks

General blocks are not tied to a specific recipe.

All available attributes can be found in the $attributes value when you check the PHP files in the  /wp-recipe-maker/includes/public/shortcodes/general/ folder.

Shortcode Name
[wprm-call-to-action] Call to Action Learn more
[wprm-recipe-jump-to-comments] Jump to Comments Link/button to jump to the comment form
[wprm-spacer] Spacer Add vertical spacing between elements

Recipe Blocks

Recipe blocks need a recipe to work with. If the  id="123" attribute is not set, the first recipe on the page will be used for outputting, if a recipe can be found.All available attributes can be found in the $attributes value when you check the PHP files in the  /wp-recipe-maker/includes/public/shortcodes/recipe/ folder.

Shortcode Name
[wprm-recipe-add-to-collection] Add to Recipe Collection Learn more
[wprm-recipe-author] Author  
[wprm-recipe-author-container] Author Container Display the author with label
[wprm-recipe-cost] Estimated Cost  
[wprm-recipe-cost-container] Estimated Cost Container Display the cost with label
[wprm-recipe-custom-field] Custom Field Learn more
[wprm-recipe-custom-field-container] Custom Field Container Display a custom field with label
[wprm-recipe-image] Image  
[wprm-recipe-ingredients] Ingredients  
[wprm-recipe-instructions] Instructions  
[wprm-recipe-jump-video] Jump to Video Link/button to jump to the recipe video
[wprm-recipe-jump] Jump to Recipe Link/button to jump to the recipe
[wprm-recipe-name] Name  
[wprm-recipe-notes] Notes  
[wprm-recipe-nutrition] Nutrition Display 1 nutrition field
[wprm-recipe-nutrition-container] Nutrition Container Display 1 nutrition field with label
[wprm-nutrition-label] Nutrition Label Display all nutrition fields
[wprm-recipe-pin] Pin Recipe Image Link/button to pin the recipe image
[wprm-recipe-print] Print Recipe Link/button to print the recipe
[wprm-recipe-rating] Star Ratings  
[wprm-recipe-roundup-link] Roundup Link Link/button to a recipe
[wprm-recipe-servings] Servings  
[wprm-recipe-servings-unit] Servings Unit  
[wprm-recipe-servings-container] Servings Container Display servings and servings unit with label
[wprm-recipe-summary] Summary  
[wprm-recipe-tag] Tag Display 1 recipe taxonomy
[wprm-recipe-tag-container] Tag Container Display 1 recipe taxonomy with label
[wprm-recipe-tags-container] Tags Container Display all recipe taxonomies
[wprm-recipe-time] Time Display 1 time field
[wprm-recipe-time-container] Time Container Display 1 time field with label
[wprm-recipe-times-container] Times Container Display all time fields
[wprm-recipe-unit-conversion] Unit Conversion Learn more
[wprm-recipe-video] Video  

Other Shortcodes

These are shortcodes that don't fit in the above categories

Adjustable Quantities
Kitchen Timer
  • [timer seconds="0" minutes="2" hours="0"]2 minutes[/timer]

    Creates a link to start a Kitchen Timer

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