Activating your license key

I'm using the plugin on a development or staging site

The license key is only required for live websites, so if you're using the plugin on a development or staging site, just ignore these instructions for now. You only need to activate your license key on the live website.

If your dev/staging site URL matches any of these you'll be able to activate the license without it counting towards your activation limit:

  • localhost
  • *.dev
  • *.local
  • *.test
  • dev.*
  • staging.*
  • staging-*.*
  • test.*
  • local.*
  • *

Activating the license key on your live site

After installing the paid plugin next to the free one, go to the WP Recipe Maker > Settings page and fill in your license key at the top. Save the settings to activate.

Activating your license key will make sure you get reminded of automatic updates. Take note that this license key field will only show up on the settings page when the paid plugin file is installed first!

My license key won't activate

The first thing to check is what bundle you have installed and what bundle the license key is for. An "Elite Bundle" license key will not activate for the "Pro Bundle", for example. Make sure to install the correct paid plugin first.

If the plugin is correct but the key won't activate it might already be associated with a different domain. You can check and remove this association after logging into your account. Once the key is free of other associations there, try making the license key field empty on the plugins settings page and saving it like that. That should reset things. After doing that, try saving your actual key again.

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