An overview of WP Recipe Maker

Where do recipes exist in WPRM?

After installing WP Recipe Maker you'll see a new WP Recipe Maker section in the admin backend:

The Manage page is where you can find an overview of all of the recipes you've created in WP Recipe Maker. A recipe in that list doesn't necessarily show up on your website, however. In WPRM, a recipe does not show up anywhere by itself but has to be added to a regular post, page or custom post type. Most people just create a post for every recipe. That would then be the parent post of that recipe and the place where your visitors can view the recipe.

Click here to learn more about parent posts.

WP Recipe Maker and the Block Editor (Gutenberg)

WPRM adds several blocks to the Gutenberg editor, grouped together in the "WP Recipe Maker" category:

WP Recipe Maker and the Classic Editor

In the classic editor you have 2 options for accessing the WP Recipe Maker features. There is a "WP Recipe Maker" button above the post content and a cutlery icon in the visual editor:

WP Recipe Maker and hosting

If you're hosted at (and you're still using the classic editor), your screen might look something like this:

Unfortunately we cannot add our WP Recipe Maker button to this interface. One option is to switch to the classic WP Admin interface in the bottom left of the page:

Or you could insert recipes directly by typing the recipe shortcode:

[wprm-recipe id=123]

The ID you need can be found on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage page.

Introduction Video

This introduction video showcases some of the main features using the classic editor. Take note that it was created before WP Recipe Maker 5.0.0, which introduced a brand new modal and manage page. We'll update the video soon!

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