Import from WP Ultimate Recipe

If you have any WP Ultimate Recipe recipes on your website they should automatically be detected and appear on the WP Recipe Maker > Import Recipes page. With the click of a button you can import the recipes you want.

Important: Make sure to keep the WP Ultimate Recipe (Premium) plugin active until the import is complete.

Important: While WP Recipe Maker does have its own Template Editor, it is not similar to or compatible with the one WP Ultimate Recipe Premium has. You will not be able to import those templates.

When importing it's very important to select the correct import type. For most people this will be "Convert to posts", but if you're in doubt, please contact us so we can check for you!

If you’re currently using a recipe slug (like /recipe/) in your URL you’ll also want to set up redirection. This can be done with this free plugin. The following rule would redirect all /recipe/ URLs to the same URL without the slug (make sure to check that “Regex” box to the right):

Make sure to read through our general information for importing recipes from other plugins as well!

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