Version 5.2.0 - How-to recipes and more!

As promised the new 5.0.0 foundation allows us to build out new features a lot faster than before and this new WP Recipe Maker 5.2.0 proves exactly that.

This announcement will highlight just some of the new features we've added!

Use WPRM for How-to instructions

Google is starting to use how-to metadata for their search results and as of WPRM 5.2.0 we've added a new recipe type specifically for that:

On our Demo Site we have an example of a How-to recipe with metadata.

If you used the "no metadata" option before, you can bulk edit your recipes and change the recipe type on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage page!

New equipment section with optional links

Maybe you already spotted it in the screenshot above: we now have a new Equipment section that can be used for recipes. With the Premium plugin you also have the ability to set Equipment Links, which is great for affiliate links!

External links for Recipe Roundup Items

Using our roundup items feature is highly recommended because it gives you a shot at showing up in Google as a recipe carousel. A lot of you liked this feature but wanted to include links to other websites as well.

When adding a roundup recipe item you can now chose between a recipe of your own or an external site:

Custom Recipe Fields

Need more flexibility than the recipe fields that are available by default? With the Pro or Elite Bundle you can now create your own fields!

These will become available in the recipe modal just like the others. And did we mention you can create different types?

Export and Import from JSON

Ever wanted to move recipes from one site to the other? That's now possible with a combination of the Export to JSON and Import from JSON features!

Anything else?

Apart from these highlights there are a few other improvements and additions. Check out the full changelog if you want to learn more.

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