Version 5.3.0 - All about the Nutrients

This new 5.3.0 version is (almost) all about nutrients and the nutrition label!

More Nutrition Fields

We've added more available nutrients to get used in the Nutrition Label and a place on the WP Recipe Maker > Manage > Your Custom Fields > Custom Nutrients page to manage them:

Activate new fields you want to see or deactivate the ones you're not interested in. And you can change the label, unit and daily need values for all of them!

Create your own Custom and Calculated Nutrients

Still missing some nutrients? If you're using the Pro Bundle you can simply create your own! These can be either custom (fill in the values yourself) or calculated (based on other nutrients).

Here's an example "Net Carbs" calculated nutrient we can create:

When filling in (or calculating) the recipe nutrition fields it will automatically calculate this new nutrient for you. In this example by subtracting fiber from the carbohydrates.

You can go as advanced as you want in this calculation!

Anything else?

Apart from these nutrition highlights there are a few other improvements and additions. Check out the full changelog if you want to learn more.

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