Instruction Videos

When editing a recipe you'll be able to add an image or video to each instruction step using the icons next to that instruction:

Videos can either be uploaded or embedded from various sources (like Youtube, Vimeo or your ad company). Both images and videos will be used in the recipe metadata as well.

Defining Clips for the Recipe Metadata

If you have a main recipe video set you'll also be able to use the icon on the right to indicate that this instruction step is covered in the main video:

After clicking on that icon you will be able to define the specific start and end time of when this clip happens in the main recipe video.

In the examples screenshot above, I've indicated that from 0 minutes, 20 seconds to 0 minutes 30 seconds in the main recipe video, the first instruction step is covered.

You can then give it a name or short summary as well. These details are all included in the recipe metadata for Google to use.

Take note that this information is only used in the recipe metadata. Defining video parts like this will not make extra videos show up. The idea is just to give more details about the 1 main recipe video that's already included with the recipe card.

If you want to have actual video clips to show next to the instruction steps, use the Upload or Embed Instruction Video icons instead.

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