Updating WP Recipe Maker

It's recommended to always update to the latest version, so make sure to keep up!

Updating the free WP Recipe Maker plugin

WordPress is the one handling updates for free plugins. You should get notified of any updates on the Plugins page in your backend and perform the update there.

Updating WP Recipe Maker Premium, Pro or Elite Bundle

If you've activated your license key you should get notified of and be able to do updates just like the free plugin.

If you’re not getting the notification it’s also possible to perform a manual update:

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin from our website
  2. Deactivate AND delete the current version of the paid plugin (this not will not affect your data)
    This step is not required when using the latest version of WordPress.
  3. Follow the installation instructions again

Version mismatch?

The free and Premium/Pro/Elite plugin do not always need to have the exact same version number. It is however possible that you're using a version of either plugin that's not compatible with the other and requires an update. There will be a message warning you about this at the top of every admin page.

If you see a message like this, make sure to follow the instructions above for updating the Premium, Pro or Elite Bundle or the paid features will not be working.

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